My Favorite Thrift Finds of 2021!

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A round up of my favorite thrift finds of 2021

At the end of every year, I usually put out a post of my favorite finds from the previous year.  This year I am switching it up.  As I was going through my list of favorite purchases from the year, I realized that most of them were thrifted.  Instead of sharing them all, I decided to break apart the post and share a round-up of my favorite thrift finds of the year separately.  There were just too many good purchases from the year to narrow them down into one post. 

I find thrift shopping to be the most fulfilling form of shopping for me.  I love finding great deals on clothes that I typically wouldn't spend full retail price on and I also love the idea that fashion is getting recycled.  It allows me to be more creative with my outfits and not only share current styles that every other blogger is sharing on their feeds, but I am able to incorporate my thrifted treasure into my outfits.  I sometimes run into a dilemma on my thrifted posts because everyone is always wondering where I got my clothes from.  When they hear it's thrifted they sometimes seem disappointed that they can't shop it.  I do link similar items in some of my outfit posts on Instagram and here on the blog, but I do want to encourage you to add some thrifted fashion into your wardrobe.  It might take a little more work, but it is worth it and will save you so much money on your clothes.  If you are already a thrifter you understand that feeling you get from a good thrift find!

Today I want to take a moment to brag about my finds 2021.  Maybe they will encourage you to see what you can find when thrift shopping this year! 

A New Day pleated leopard print skirt
1.) A New Day Leopard Pleated Skirt- I found this skirt at my local Goodwill this fall.  I had been searching for a pleated skirt for a while.  Amazon had a lot of really cute similar skirts, but for some reason, $20 seemed like a lot to spend on one.  I knew if I held off I might be able to thrift one.  I am so glad I waited because I found this skirt for under $4!  It fits me perfectly and it's a good year-round skirt that will stick around in my wardrobe for years to come.  

Thrifted pair of Steve Madden snakeskin mules
2.) Steve Madden Snake Skin Mules- If you saw any of my posts from the fall, I think you may understand my love for these thrifted mules.  I wore them every day in almost every outfit post this fall.  I found these shoes on Poshmark.  They were brand new and still in the box.  I spent $20 + shipping for these shoes, which for me is a lot of money for a thrift find, but compared to the other shoes I was browsing at other retailers I felt this was a fair price.  I feel that I got a higher quality shoe for the same price as a lower quality shoe.  Plus it's bought second hand which makes me feel better about the purchase. 

Express distressed straight leg jeans
3.) Express Distressed Straight Leg Jeans- I found these Express jeans over the summer at Goodwill for $5.99.  I had no plans on buying them when I saw them because the size on them is a 00.  Which are 2 sizes smaller than what I usually wear in Express jeans, but when I tried them they actually fit.  Not only did they fit my waist, but they were perfect in length, so I knew they needed to come home with me.  It reminded me that sizes don't count in the world of thrifting.  You need to try on everything and if it fits, then who cares about the number on the tag. In this case, it happened to be a smaller size, but I have had it go the other way too. 

Faux leather skirt bought on ThredUp
4.) Mango Faux Leather Skirt-  This fall I did a big ThredUp order.  I had some reward points to redeem and I wanted to stock up on some holiday wardrobe-essentials.  I bought a couple different skirts, but this faux leather skirt was a favorite of mine.  It is brand new with tags on it still and it was only $7.99.  (You can see my full ThredUp haul HERE!!) 

Gap wool dad coat
5.) Gap Wool Dad Coat- This wool coat was also part of my ThredUp haul in November.  I love this color of coat and I have been eyeing them at some retailers, but coats can be pricey.  It's often hard to find a good one under $100.  This coat was $20.99. 

Evereve white button down blouse
6.) Evereve White Botton Down Blouse- It's hard to pick favorites with my thrift finds, but this may be my favorite find of the year.  I love to thrift button-down shirts and it's hard to find a good one, especially a good white button-down.  When I saw this one I looked it up on my phone and saw that it was from Evereve and sold for $98.  I bought it for $4.99 at Goodwill.

Vince Camuto knee-high suede boots
7.) Vince Camuto Knee-High Suede Boots- I wanted a cute knee-high boot for the fall and winter.  I wanted to buy a pair at Target, but they went out of stock very quickly.  Of course, I turned to Poshmark to see what I could find.  This pair of Vince Camuto boots were exactly what I was looking for.  They were still in good condition and only $15 plus the shipping.  I love the slouchy style of them and they are surprisingly comfortable for a heeled boot. 

Sam Edelman suede red pumps bought on Poshmark
8.) Sam Edelman Suede Red Pumps- I found a lot of good shoes this year on Poshmark.  This red pump is my latest find.  I had a pair of red heels in college that I loved!  I would wear them with a black top out to the bar and they always added a fun statement to my outfit.  I decided I wanted a new pair of red pumps.  I found this barely-worn Sam Edelman suede pair for $10 plus shipping.  I am loving them!!

Limited blazer bought at Goodwill
9.) Limited Blazer- This gray blazer was my first thrift find of 2021.  I bought it last January at Goodwill for $4.99!  I rarely buy my blazers at retailers because I always know that I can find such great blazers at thrift stores.  I love the color and the fit of this one!

Abercrombie green faux suede skirt from ThredUp.
10.) Abercrombie Green Faux Suede Skirt- This green skirt is from ThredUp.  I love a skirt with buttons in the front and I thought this would look so cute during the colder months.  It's very soft and comfortable. It was $9.99. 

This is the last in my review posts for the year.  Be sure to check out my posts on my best sellers and most popular blog posts of the year (HERE).  Also, my favorite beauty finds of 2021 (HERE). It's been another great year of blogging for me full of a lot of growth and learning.  Thank you for following along with me and for all your support and encouragement along the way.  I appreciate all of you.  My goals for blogging in 2022 are to keep doing what I am doing. I plan to make improvements and progress every day! 

Happy New Year!! 

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A round up of my favorite thrifted clothes from 2021!

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