How to Style Tights For Winter

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9 winter outfits wearing tights

 Living in a cold climate like Michigan, I am always trying to figure out how to winterize my wardrobe.  I like to make the most of my clothes and wear them year-round.  The best way to do that is by adding layers.  One of my favorite winter layers is tights.  Tights are a great option when you want to dress up in the winter, but also stay warm and hide your pale winter legs.  Today I want to share some tips for wearing tights along with some ways that I have styled tights with my wardrobe. 

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When to wear tights?

I wear tights from November to February.  Once it gets cold outside, I love to layer up my dresses and skirts with tights.  December is probably the month that I get dressed up the most, so I usually pair my tights with all my holiday outfits.  Tights are also great for your work or church wardrobe.  Really any time you want to get dressed up in the winter you can add some tights to your look. 

What to wear tights with?

I love to wear my tights under dresses and skirts.  I usually opt to wear tights with a shorter skirt.  This helps the skirt feel less short and revealing and also keeps your legs warm.  I don't like to have "seasonal" clothes, so if I can get some use out of a summer dress or skirt in the winter I will.  I've even tried layering tights under shorts.  I think it works with dressier shorts, like a pair of paper bag shorts.  I also like how it looks with my denim skirt. The only time I don't like wearing tights is when they make my skirt feel staticky and have it stuck to my legs, so I am always careful about the types of materials that I pair my tights with. 

What shoes to wear tights with?

My favorite types of shoes to wear with tights are booties and knee-high boots.  I think that boots are a great dressy shoe to wear in the wintertime.  They are comfortable and practical.  I also will dress them up with a pump or even a cute black ballet flat shoe.  To be completely honest, you just need to when it comes to pairing tights with shoes, you just need to play around with your shoe collection.  I personally think that as long as it has a closed toe, no peep toes, and no sandals, you are good to go. 

What kinds of tights should you wear?

There are lots of different styles and colors of tights to choose from.  Some have texture, some are smooth, some are shiny, and some are opaque.  It really depends on how often you wear tights and what fits into your lifestyle and wardrobe.  As for me, I don't get dressed up often so I only have 2 pairs of tights.  A black opaque pair of tights and a pair of burgundy opaque tights.  I think opaque tights go with anything, so they are the most versatile for my wardrobe.  

The style of tights to wear with an outfit is entirely up to you.  The only thing I would recommend is that you find a comfortable and supportive pair of tights.  I spent most of my life hating tights because they were so uncomfortable.  Now I actually enjoy wearing them because I have some that don't ride down, tear and they always stay in place.  A couple years ago I was gifted my tights from Sheertex.  They are amazing tights, however, they are a much higher price range than I would typically spend myself.  They are an investment piece because they will last a long time and you will never need to buy a pair of tights again.  However, you can find a great inexpensive pair of tights easily.  I've linked some of my favorites below. 

Outfit ideas wearing tights

Faux suede pencil skirt with turtleneck and tights

Yellow pleated skirt with turtleneck and tights

Red hounstooth skirt with moto jacket and tights

Denim skirt styled for winter with tights, cardigan and boots

Tights with a black pleated skirt and sweater

Paper bag shorts with a blazer and tights

Pleated skirt with cardigan and black tights

Cranberry tights with a dress and moto jacket

Tights with a green skirt and cardigan

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Winter outfits wearing tights

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