Best Sellers and Popular Blog Posts of 2021

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Round up of best selling clothing items and popular blog posts of 2021

I hope that everyone has been enjoying their Christmas break.  I have been semi-un-plugged this last week, meaning that I haven't been glued to my phone as usual and staying up late to work on blog posts.  It's been amazing!  I've spent a lot of time with my family and I have been loving every moment.  But I am missing the blog and I am getting excited for this upcoming year.  I've been taking a break from creating new content, so this week I just wanted to do some review posts of 2021.

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I want to start by sharing your favorites from the year.  I typically end the year by sharing my top favorite finds, but this year I wanted to switch it up and share your favorite items.  These were some of my best sellers from the year on the LTK app and here on the blog.  They were the most popular for all of you and most of them would have been on the list of my favorite finds as well, so I thought I would just combine them.  I also wanted to share some of my most popular blog posts from the year, so be sure to check those out if you haven't already! 

Best Sellers of 2021!!

Target turtle neck waffle knit top

Target waffle knit turtle neck- I bought this $18 turtle neck top on one of my trips to Target this fall.  I had no idea that it would be my best-selling item not just for 2021, but it's the most popular selling item that I have ever shared!  I shared this video (HERE) on TikTok and overnight I had gained thousands of new followers on TikTok, Instagram and LTK.  Not to mention my sales were higher than they had ever been before.   My husband joked with me that I should always buy clothes on all my Target runs if I could profit from it like that.  😂 Honestly, it's a great basic top in my wardrobe and since I bought it in October I have found so many ways to wear it.  It's currently still in stock in grey on the Target website in a couple sizes. (TTS, I am wearing a small.)

Walmart leopard sneakers

Walmart leopard sneakers- I bought these leopard sneakers in 2020 and I absolutely love them!  I shared them last winter in a post about my favorite Walmart dupe shoes (HERE) and they have been popular ever since.  Currently, you can find them in the maroon color or you can check out this similar shoe HERE for a similar look with the leopard print. (TTS, I am wearing a size 7, I could do a 7 1/2.)

Abercrombie straight leg jeans with distressing

Abercrombie Curve Love Ultra High Waisted Straight Jeans- I had been eyeing these jeans for a while and I finally decided to buy them in September because that's my birthday month and I always find that to be the best time for me to make an Abercrombie jean purchase.  I am a part of their rewards program which always gives me a coupon for my birthday.  They also send me a coupon for my anniversary of being a part of the rewards program.  I am usually able to combine the coupons and get a great deal on these jeans that are usually $99! (TTS, I am wearing a size 26, short length.)

Target taupe booties

Target Universal Thread Ankle Boots- I have loved these Target booties for a while and I actually was able to find the same exact pair of boots on Poshmark for less than the Target website.  They were brand new and in the box when I bought them, so I was excited about my deal but also excited to have a thrift find that my followers could actually still shop at an affordable price.  These boots are such great booties.  Most people would be surprised when you tell them they are from Target because the quality is great.  They are still available to shop on the Target website and only $29.99!! (TTS, I am wearing 71/2.)

Express straight leg jeans

Express High Waisted Straight Jeans- Straight leg jeans were big in 2021 and will continue to be big in 2022, so I am not surprised that I had 2 straight leg jeans on my best sellers list.  This pair of straight-leg jeans are so classic. I did a post on how to style them (HERE).  They are still available in a few sizes on the Express website and they are 50% off!! (TTS, I am wearing a 2, regular length.)

Old Navy sweater

Old Navy Sweater- I love a good Old Navy sweater and this year I was not disappointed with this one.  It has become my go-to sweater this winter so far.  My favorite way to wear it is with all black, but it also goes great with jeans.  The black color is out of stock on the website, but you can find it in Taupe and Earth Brown at the moment. (TTS, I'm wearing a small.)

Spanx faux leather leggings

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings- I feel like I have talked about my Spanx faux leather leggings a lot this year.  They were my big splurge of 2021.  I bought them on sale during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  They were $69, which is the lowest price you can pay for these leggings (originally $98).  I love them and I wear them all the time, so I feel that they were worth the splurge.  I recommend waiting until summer to buy them in the sale, but if you can't wait until then you can also buy them from the Spanx website which sometimes has a sale or you can get 10% off by opting in to receive text messages. (These leggings run small.  I am wearing a small, regular length. I am 5'1 and I probably should have gone with the shorter length, but this one seems to be fine for me.)

Target chunky cardigan

Target A New Day Cardigan- This is a great cardigan from Target.  I like that you can leave it open as a cardigan or button it and wear it as a pull-over sweater.  It's very cozy and is a great winter piece.  It's $25 and currently in stock on the Target website in this color and several other colors. (TTS, I am wearing an x-small.)

Gap Factory orange pull on pants

Gap Factory Easy Straight Pull-On Pants- These pants are a newer purchase that I really love.  They are perfect pants if you are looking for comfortable work pants or you work from home.  They come in 3 other colors and are currently 50% off the sale price on the Gap Factory Website!! (TTS, I am wearing an x-small.)

Madden Girl Chelsea boots

Madden Girl Chelsea Boots- I was on the hunt for Chelsea boots all fall and I finally settled on this pair.  They work perfectly with my short legs and they are very practical for winter.  I shared how to style them in a blog post (HERE) and I also shared a couple ways to wear them in a video HERE that I posted on both Instagram and TikTok.  They are currently in stock at Kohls and come in 2 colors. (These boots do run big! I sized down a half size.)

Popular Posts in 2021!

1.) Cozy, Casual Real Life Stay-At-Home Mom Outfits- After over a year of being stuck at home during the pandemic and living the postpartum life after having a baby, I had plenty of cozy casual outfits to share last January.  I started the year with this post and it quickly gained a lot of popularity through Pinterest. 
2.) How to Wear Joggers and Still Feel Put Together- This was my #1 most viewed post from 2021.  I'm sure that it's because everyone loves a good comfy outfit, but also wants to feel put together.  Joggers are always good comfy pants to wear, but often can be hard to style when you want to feel put together, so I am happy to see that this post is helping other people.
3.) Making the Most of Your Wardrobe- How to Wear Leggings- This post was a repost from a popular blog post I wrote a few years ago. Since I get so many questions about how to style leggings, I decided that this was an important post to update with some new links and new pictures. 
4.) My Must-Have Breastfeeding Clothes- I spent almost half of 2021 breastfeeding.  With this being my second time around breastfeeding, I felt that I had figured out the clothes situation this time around.  I feel that it's a good informative post that is helpful for new moms navigating the clothes needed for breastfeeding. 
5.) What I Wore in Las Vegas- In May my husband and I celebrated 10 years of marriage.  We took a little getaway to our old stomping grounds of Las Vegas to celebrate.  I'm so happy that I was able to document the outfits that I wore on the trip because it became a pretty popular post. 
6.) 10 Items to Buy at The Thrifty Store- I am always being told by people that they never find anything good when they thrift shop, so I felt that this post would be helpful for people who are starting to thrift by sharing my favorite 10 items to buy while thrift shopping. 
7.) How to Wear White Sneakers- I love the white Nike sneakers I bought this last spring.  I wear them all the time! I also love all the outfits I shared in this post so I am happy to see that it has done well this year! 
8.) Maternity Outfits That You Can Wear Before, During, and After Pregnancy- I love to see when my maternity content is doing well because I love creating it. In this post, I shared outfits that I wore the year before while pregnant and then the year after the baby was born.  
9.) What to Buy in the Maternity Department and What Not to Buy- This was another maternity post that did well.  It was a repost from the year before, but I needed to update it after completing my second pregnancy.  
10.) Walmart Shoe Dupes- I love shoes and I have found Walmart to have great shoes that look similar to many designer and higher-end shoes.  I hope to do more posts like this in the future! 

A round up of my best selling items and most popular blog posts of 2021

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