Straight-leg jeans seem to be a hot topic at the moment.  Ever since this idea that you are old if you still wear skinny jeans came about, everyone either seems to be running out and getting straight-leg jeans or holding their ground strong and refusing to wear them.  Now I am not saying that I will be getting rid of my skinny jeans any time soon.  I still prefer them over straight-leg jeans, but I do like to have a variety of jeans in my wardrobe.  This helps my outfits stay fresh.  

I find that a lot of women my age are afraid to try straight-leg jeans.  I think one of the reasons is that many of them remember wearing them in the '90s.  I've had people tell me "been there, done that".  The thing is all trends come back around and when they do they usually come back improved.  Another reason women are timid is that they don't want to look like a teenager.  You don't need to wear them like a teenager wears them.  You can pair them with the clothes you already have in your closet and not look 16.  The last reason why I think women are afraid of straight-leg jeans is that we really just don't know how to wear them.  We've been wearing our skinny jeans for so long that we forgot how to style a pair of jeans with a wider leg. 

That's why today I want to help introduce or reintroduce (depending on your age) straight-leg jeans to your wardrobe.  I have some tips for how to style them, some affordable jean options, and of course some outfit ideas for you to recreate.  

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Style tips for straight-leg jeans

Find the right cut

I personally think that the most flattering cut of straight-leg jeans is high-waisted with a cropped leg length.  I love to show a little ankle with my jeans.  This fit seems to work on almost all body types and it gives the jeans a more modern look.  

Define your waist

Because straight-leg jeans are wider through the legs they create a baggier appearance, it's important to define your waistline to balance out your outfit.  An easy way to do this is just by tucking in your shirt.  Whether you want to front tuck or full tuck, that is up to you and the material of your shirt.  Most of my t-shirts and loose-fitting tops I will only front tuck.  For a sweater, I will front tuck.  But if the shirt is fitted or the material is thin, I will do a full tuck.   You really just need to get a feel for the look you are trying to create and go from there.  

Wear the right pair of shoes

In my personal opinion, I think that any kind of shoe with a pointed toe is the most flattering type of shoe to wear with straight-leg jeans.  Why?  The pointed toe elongates your foot and legs.  It thins you out and is just more flattering.  I will often style my straight-leg jeans with my white sneakers.  I prefer a sneaker with a shoelace over a slip-on sneaker, but it really just depends on the fit of the jeans.  That is more my personal preference.  This is probably the only round-toe shoe that I will wear with my straight-leg jeans.  I also love to wear an opened-toe shoe with this style of jeans.  Flip flops, sandals, block heel sandals, they all work.  I think anything that exposes the ankle is the most flattering shoe.  If you are planning on wearing booties, you definitely can, but I would wear a pair with a pointed toe that shows a little ankle. 

Affordable Straight-leg jeans

Before I share my outfit ideas, I wanted to share some of my favorite affordable straight-leg jeans.  These are all under $100, but if you know me at all I don't spend that much on my clothes, so all these will go on sale at some point.  Follow me on app (HERE) to find out when they are the best price to buy and don't forget to always sign up for the store's reward programs to get the best deals!

9 Outfit Ideas With Straight-Leg Jeans

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