6 Cute and Comfy Work From Home Outfits

 I have recently had some requests to share some work-from-home outfits.  Many people were working from home before the pandemic happened, but now there are more people than ever who are still working from home.  I know that just within my own family, most of them are working remotely from home.  I feel like there are both pros and cons to working from home.  The pros for me would be that there is no commute, you are in the comfort of your own home and you get to create your own schedule.  The biggest cons for me would be staying focused and motivated all day. 

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The one thing that has always helped motivate me to have a productive day is by putting myself together in the morning and putting on a cute outfit that makes me feel good.  Whether it was for work or just for a day as a stay-at-home mom, I always know that my day will go much smoother if I feel good in what I am wearing.  My outfit always sets the tone of my day.  I technically no longer have a "real job", but I think that most mothers would agree that taking care of kids is a full-time job.  I treat my job as a mom just as I would a real job.  I wake up early, I get ready for the day, I plan my day out, I schedule activities and errands that need to be done, send emails, clean, plan meals, do school pick up and drop-offs.  My list goes on and on, plus I keep my blog afloat all on my own.  I find that getting myself ready helps me accomplish all my goals for the day.

I know that loungewear has been a big trend during the last year and a half.  While I do love wearing some comfy loungewear sets, I do think that they can be overdone and get boring.  I usually change into my loungewear in the evening after I am done doing everything I need to get done for the day.  Loungewear helps me whined down my day and relax.  I have a hard time wearing it all day because it's hard to stay motivated when I am wearing something that I could easily wear to bed.  This is why when it comes to putting together a work-from-home outfit, I stay away from the loungewear, but still keep it comfortable.    

Today I want to share some work-from-home outfits that don't include loungewear. These outfits are easy, affordable, and comfortable.  I will also say that all these outfits would pair great with slippers as well!

Look 1: Leggings + Cardigan

Once the cold weather hits, leggings become my best friend.  Add a cozy cardigan and I will see you in spring.  I love my faux leather leggings.  I finally splurged on a pair of Spanx faux leather leggings during the Nordstrom sale this summer.  I also have a more affordable pair as well.  I just feel like the faux leather can dress up your legging look a little more than traditional leggings.  I am also loving this cozy oversized cardigan from Express.  

6 Cute and Comfy Work From Home Outfits
Top || Leggings (affordable options HERE, HERE) || Cardigan || Shoes (SIMILAR)

Look 2: Leggings + Tunic

Tunics and leggings always go together well!  I love this tunic button-down from Versona.  It's so flowy and soft.  It's comfortable, yet it looks and feels very put together. 

6 Cute and Comfy Work From Home Outfits

Look 3: Dress + Cardigan

I love to wear dresses because they are easy!  You don't need to worry about matching it to any bottoms, it's a one-step look.  Add a cozy cardigan and you have the perfect comfortable work-from-home outfit.  This black dress is from Amazon.  I love the high neck and the knot in the middle.  It's very work-appropriate and would work great to wear to the office or wear at home. 

6 Cute and Comfy Work From Home Outfits
Dress || Cardigan || Shoes (SIMILAR)

Look 4: Jumpsuit + Blazer

Jumpsuits are just like dresses for me.  They are easy.  This comfy jumpsuit (sold out) is from Old Navy.  I wear it casually all the time, but when you add my pink blazer from Maurices it dresses up the comfy look.  The blazer is perfect to throw on for zoom meetings or any other time you want to look professional on top.

6 Cute and Comfy Work From Home Outfits
Jumpsuit (SIMILAR) || Blazer || Shoes (SIMILAR, SIMILAR)

Look 5: Dress + Cardigan

This is another example of a comfy dress outfit.  This chambray dress from Bella Grace Boutique is so soft and comfy.  It's so perfect to wear while working from home.  I added my favorite tan cardigan from Loft Outlet. 

6 Cute and Comfy Work From Home Outfits
Dress (20% off Code: THRIFTYWIFE) || Cardigan (SIMILAR, SIMILAR) || Shoes (SIMILAR)

Look 6: Joggers + Button-down + Cardigan

I shared these Old Navy joggers last week on the blog (HERE).  These are the perfect work-from-home joggers.  They are comfy, but the material makes them feel dressy.  You can easily dress them up for work.  I added my thrifted white button-down and tan cardigan. 

6 Cute and Comfy Work From Home Outfits
Top (SIMILAR) || Cardigan (SIMILAR, SIMILAR) || Joggers || Shoes (SIMILAR)

Which look would you like to try? Leave it in the comments!!

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6 Cute and Comfy Work From Home Outfits

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