9 Affordable Effortless Summer Outfits

Summer is here and I am feeling very busy lately with life.  Nothing major is going on, it's just keeping up with daily life that is getting me feeling like I don't have time for very much.  Some days it's difficult just to find time to shower and get ready for the day.  I really don't have much energy to put into thinking about what to wear for the day, that's why I've been keeping my outfits effortless this summer.

 I've always liked dressing for summer because it's easy.  Wearing shorts and a t-shirt or putting on a dress takes little effort.  It's hard to find extra time to get yourself ready when you have other people relying on you to get them ready too. That's why having effortless ready to go outfits is key during the summer months.  

Today I want to share 9 effortless outfits that I have been wearing so far this summer. Of course they are all affordable as well! 

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White t-shirt and jean shorts

I am loving this effortless combo this summer.  There is nothing to it, yet is looks so cute and put together. I like to add a hat to complete the look. 

9 Affordable Effortless Summer Outfits

Black Romper

I love rompers in the summer.  I bought this button down romper last summer after Anna was born because it was perfect for nursing and postpartum.  I'm still wearing it all the time this summer for a quick look that always is cute. 

9 Affordable Effortless Summer Outfits


I like to say that jumpsuits and rompers are a gift to moms.  They make everything so easy... except going to the bathroom, but you get used to that.  😂 This cropped jumpsuit from Old Navy is my latest jumpsuit and I love it. 

9 Affordable Effortless Summer Outfits
Jumpsuit || Cardigan (similar) || Sandals || Earrings (10% off with code: KATIE10!)

Paper bag shorts

I love the look of paper bag shorts with a fitted tank top.  It is always an easy look.  Green paper bag shorts always have a place in my wardrobe. I also have a pair of leopard shorts that I wear a lot too!

9 Affordable Effortless Summer Outfits

Flowy teared skirt

A flowy skirt can go a long way when you need an effortless summer outfit.  This floral skirt from Kohl's is really easy to wear on a hot summer day.  It goes great paired with a cami. 

9 Affordable Effortless Summer Outfits

Black dress

Can you go wrong with a black dress? Never!  I love this button front black sundress from Amazon.  I've already worn it a couple times this summer.  I love accessorizing with some fun colorful jewelry. 

9 Affordable Effortless Summer Outfits
Dress || Hat || Sandals || Purse (similar) || Bracelets (15% off with code: THRIFTYWIFEHAPPYLIFE)

T-shirt dress

T-shirt dresses always make an effortless look.  I like to add a pop of color or pattern.  I recently bought this t-shirt dress at Target.  I always makes a good park outfit. 

9 Affordable Effortless Summer Outfits
Dress || Sandals || Sunglasses || Purse (similar

Lounge shorts

I'm not sure if I would call these shorts lounge shorts or not, but they remind me of my cheerleading shorts from high school.  They are so comfy and I love wearing them casually around the house or out and about when running errands. 

9 Affordable Effortless Summer Outfits
Top || Shorts || Sandals || Purse || Sunglasses (similar)

Cropped jeans and a t-shirt

If you need a quick and effortless outfit on the go, just remember that there is nothing wrong with just wearing some jeans and a t-shirt.  I'm all about a good cropped jean in the summer time.  I love these cropped flair jeans.  They are always my summer go to jean. 

9 Affordable Effortless Summer Outfits
Top || Jeans (similar) || Sandals (similar

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9 Affordable Effortless Summer Outfits

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