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People often tell me that they love my thrift finds, but they never find anything good at the thrift store themselves.  I totally get it.  Thrift shopping can be intimidating at first.  It is a skill you have to learn.  You can't expect to walk into a thrift store with one thing in mind and find exactly what you're looking for.  You have to keep an open mind when thrift shopping.  What I found out is that nothing beats the price you pay at a thrift store and once you find that perfect thrift find you will be hooked!  There is something for everyone if you are willing to take the time to hunt for it.

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Today I want to help simplify your thrift shopping experience by sharing my top 10 clothing items to look for when thrift shopping.  These are the clothes that I have had the best luck with buying at thrift stores over the years.  I never say never when it comes to thrift shopping because every so often I will find that great item I said I would never buy used, but these are my basics that don't ever let me down. 

Thrift store tips- Clothing items to shop for

1.) Jeans

I've always had good luck finding jeans at thrift stores.  I've even written a blog post (HERE) on it.  This last year I found a pair of Madewell jeans for $15 at a local secondhand shop.  That was an exciting find for me.  I've also found many jeans that have become favorites of mine over the years, including the ones I'm wearing above.  The fit like they were made for me. 

Thrift store tips- Clothing items to shop for

2.) Dresses

I find the best dresses at thrift stores.  Dresses tend to sit in people's closets for a long time and don't get worn, so dresses are usually still in really good condition at the thrift store.  I usually do a lot of thrift shopping for dresses in the summer months.  I found the blue polka dot I'm wearing above at Goodwill last summer. Post (HERE)

Thrift store tips- Clothing items to shop for

3.) Skirts

Skirts are another item that sit in people's closets and doesn't get worn a lot.  I always find the cutest skirts at the best prices while thrift shopping.  I recently bought 5 skirts on ThredUP, all under $5 a piece!  I've even found some cute skirts at the Salvation Army for 50 cents.  You never want to pass up the skirt section when thrifting. 

Thrift store tips- Clothing items to shop for

4.) Button-down shirts

Almost all my button-down shirts are thrifted.  I always love a good chambray shirt or a flannel shirt.  I've found every brand from Old Navy to J. Crew and I don't think I've ever spent more than $5. 

Thrift store tips- Clothing items to shop for

5.) Jackets and Coats

Jackets and coats are always a good find at the thrift store.  Almost all my blazers, denim jackets and moto jackets all were bought second hand.  I also have found some really great coats while thrifting.  This blue plaid coat is one of my favorite coats and it was only $4. 

Thrift store tips- Clothing items to shop for

6.) Kid Clothes

I always try to thrift my kid's clothes.  They grow way too fast to spend full price on their clothes.  For my 5-year-old, I buy him jeans, button-downs, and sweaters at the thrift store.  For the baby, I keep my eyes open for anything.  What I've found with kid clothes, especially baby clothes is that you can find a lot of new clothes with tags on them at secondhand stores.  A lot of times babies grow out of their clothes before they can even wear them, so why not pass them a long to someone who will get some use out of them.

7.) Cardigans

When I was working as a preschool teacher, I had an addiction to thrifting cardigans.  They were just such a good deal and I wore them everyday.  As a preschool teacher I didn't want to get marker or paint on one of my cardigans that I spent full price on (or most likely sale price) and ruin it, so I always wore thrifted cardigans. 

Thrift store tips- Thrift store clothing items to shop for

8.) Blazers

My first thrifted purchase as an adult was a blazer at the Salvation Army.  I wanted a blazer so bad, but I couldn't afford to buy one, so I was so excited when I bought one for $4!  After that, I was addicted to thrifting.  Now I'm still finding blazers I love at the thrift store.  The one I'm wearing above is my latest blazer. It was $5 at Goodwill.

Thrift store tips- Thrift store clothing items to shop for

9.) Purses

I love finding good totes and purses at thrift stores.  You can find dressy clutches that have never been used or a tote you can also use as a diaper bag.  I've even bought beach bags at the thrift store.  The leopard clutch above is one of my all time favorite accessories.  I found it on ThredUP.

Thrift store tips- Thrift store clothing items to shop for

10.) Shoes

I use to have a different opinion on thrift shopping for shoes.  I thought it was gross, but after finding so many great pairs of shoes at thrift stores over the years I have changed my feelings about it.  As long as they are in good condition they are defiantly worth the buy.  The floral pumps in the picture above are Nine West and I thrifted them at Goodwill.  

Hopefully this post will help you navigate the thrift store a little better and find the best deals you can! Happy thrifting to you all!!

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Thrift store fashion || Clothing items to buy at the thrift store

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