Easy ways to wear a plaid scarf
Did you catch my latest reel style video over on Instagram?  If not, I shared a few ways to style my favorite plaid scarf. (Check out my reel HERE)  I bought this plaid scarf last December at a local second-hand store.  I've been looking for a plaid scarf like this for years.  I love that it has green and red, so it's great to wear around the holidays, but I also wear it throughout the winter with my coats. Sometimes it's tricky to figure out how to wear a scarf.  You would think it would be pretty easy, but it's not always.  
Here are 4 ways I like to wear my plaid scarf. 

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Option 1: Blanket wrap

For this look I simply wear the scarf over my shoulders like a shawl, at least that's how my husband describes my scarves as a shawl as his grandma wore...haha.  This is a cozy way to wear it around the house and it will keep you warm. 

Wear a blanket scarf as a wrap
Top- Target (similar) || Leggings- Aerie (exact) || Boots- Target (exact)

Option 3: Draped over the neck

This way is the easiest and I like it a lot because you can still see your outfit.  All you do is drape the scarf over your neck and let it hang down.  I feel like it just adds a little pattern to your sim

Drape a plaid scarf over your outfit
Tunic- Old Navy (exact) || Leggings- Aerie (exact) || Boots- Target (exact)

Option 3:  Bandana style

My scarf is not a square blanket scarf, so doing a bandana style tie can be difficult.  That's why I've been using a little trick with a hair tie.  I fold the scarf in half like a triangle, then I take a hair tie and tie it behind my neck.  This way it doesn't feel all bulky like the traditional way you would do a bandana style scarf.  (To see the detailed way to tie it you can check out my reel on Instagram HERE). 

Tie a plaid scarf like a bandana
Sweater- Old Navy (exact) || Leggings- Aerie (exact) || Boots- Target (exact)

Option 4: The wrap around

I love this way when it's really cold out because it keeps your neck nice and warm.  I have no idea how to put it into words on how to tie this option so I will again direct you to my reel video so you can get the idea! (Reel video HERE)

How to wear a plaid scarf when it's cold outside
Sweater- PinkBlush (exact) || Leggings- Aerie (exact) || Boots- Target (exact)

Which option will you be trying out?


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4 ways to wear a plaid scarf

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  1. I have a blanket scarf similar to this and can I be honest, I haven't used it? The size is overwhelming and styling it seems such a hassle. I will need to try these four ways and see if it works out for me!

    Maureen | www.littlemisscasual.com

    1. I get overwhelmed by blanket scarves too! Try using the hair tie in the back to hold the scarf. That helps it feel less bulky.


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