Bbay Update- 5 Month

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Baby 5 month update #babyupdate #5months

 Baby Update

Anna is 5 months and I can't believe how quickly this year is flying by.  Anna continues to be the light of my 2020.  This month Anna has lived through her first Halloween and her first Presidential election.  Both events she didn't seem to notice very much.  She's such a happy little baby.  She is completely clueless about any of the drama that surrounds this year.  She's just in her happy little baby world and I love it. 

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This month Anna has been very active.  She rolls everywhere.  She's on the verge of crawling and I think she will be able to sit up on her own pretty soon.  Right now, she's doing pretty well sitting up with a boppy pillow.  She loves to watch her big brother play.  On the weekends when he's home all day I can set her near him in the same room and it's like free entertainment for her to watch him.  She also loves it when we go places.  Every time we go to a store everyone stops me to tell me how cute she is.  They always say "aw look at all that hair on that little baby.  How cute!"  

Anna is getting very chubby.  She's almost doubled her birth weight.  This is such a cute age.  I remember Jack being very chubby at this age too!  Once they start moving, they seem to slim out a little, but this age is perfect.  They love to play and are very alert, but they can't crawl yet, so you don't need to have the house baby proofed yet.  I wish I could pause it just a little longer, but I know my little girl is ready to get moving soon!

Baby Halloween costume #babyhalloweencostume

Feeding and Sleeping

This is probably her last month of just breastfeeding.  I plan on introducing some solid foods into her diet soon.  I'm excited to get her started on some new foods, but part of me wants to keep her little and new foods mean she's getting bigger.  She seems ready for solid foods though.  She's very interested in whatever I'm eating. 

Sleeping has been up and down this month.  It started off really rough.  She was waking up just about every hour to eat.  I was exhausted, so I decided to move her into her crib to see if I could work on some sleep training with her.  She has been doing better sleeping in her own crib.  Most nights she will sleep for long stretches and only wake up twice to eat, which is very bearable for me.  But other nights she wakes a lot.  I know that I need to figure something out with sleep training, but I really struggle with letting them cry it out.  We will see how sleeping goes once she starts eating more solid foods. 

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Life With 2 Kids

Having 2 kids has been getting easier as each month goes by.  It helps that Jack is getting older and he's been able to manage his feelings much better lately.  Fewer meltdowns are always a plus.  Halloween was a lot of fun for us as a family.  I was so excited to get the kids dressed up in their costumes and take their pictures.  It makes me really excited about the other upcoming holidays.  It was a year ago that I was newly pregnant and I couldn't imagine how life would be with 2 kids.  Now a year later here we are and things are going great. 

5 month old baby update #5monthbaby


Just as I was starting to feel normal again, my hair started to fall out.  I've been having some postpartum hair loss, which is very common, but that doesn't change my frustration.  I've been finding my blonde hair all over the house.  I don't remember having this problem after Jack was born.  What I read is that we naturally lose hair every day, but when you are pregnant you don't lose as much hair.  This is why your hair looks so great while you are pregnant.  After the baby is born your body starts to shed again and you lose all that hair.  It's definitely annoying, but I'm hoping it will end soon.  From what I read 4-6 months postpartum are the worst. 

As for my postpartum workouts, those are nonexistent right now.  I've been so bad about working out and I can feel it.  I had a really good schedule going on over the summer, but now it's gone.  It's hard when I have a to-do list a mile long.  I often push my workout off my list to get other things done.  I know that I need to start setting aside at least 20 minutes per day, even if that means I don't shower until 2pm.  We will see how the next couple of months go. 

Favorite Products

I've been sharing my favorite baby/postpartum products every month in a big long list, but I think I'm going to start picking my top 5 favorite products.  That way I don't repeat myself.  It's funny, even though I had Jack 4 years ago, I thought I knew all my favorite baby gear and postpartum products.  Things change though, and I've been rediscovering new things each month.  Here are my top 5 products this month. 

Carter's fleece sleep bag #babyproducts

Carter's Fleece Sleep Bag

These are great as the weather cools off.  I've been putting Anna in her wearable blanket on cold nights and it keeps her nice and warm.  Her room gets pretty cold at nice, so it's definitely nice to have. 

The Honest Co. Baby lotion #babyproducts

The Honest Company Truly Calming Face & Body Lotion 

I really love The Honest Company baby products, so whenever I see that they are on sale I will pick them up.  This lotion is already helping some of Anna's dry spots.  A little trick my pediatrician in Las Vegas had told me when Jack was a baby was to mix in a little Aquaphor into the lotion to help heal dry skin.  With the heat running constantly in the winter it can get so dry, so having a good lotion is a must! 

Carter's fleece jumpsuit for babies #babyclothes

Carter's Fleece Jumpsuit

This is my first actual winter with a baby and I'm not sure what to expect.  It's hard to keep them warm when you can't put them in a heavy coat in their car seat.  I love these little fleece jumpsuits for layering over the baby's clothes.  It keeps their whole body warm.  

Birdrock Baby organic cotton baby booties

BirdRock Baby Lightweight Organic Cotton Booties

I was gifted these booties a couple years ago.  I didn't need them at the time, but I always hoped that I'd be able to use them with another baby one day.  I love the cute little cactus print and they also help Anna's socks stay on her feet. 

Simple Wishes sleep and lounge nursing bra.  Get 10% off!! #nursingbra

Simple Wishes Lounge and Sleep Nursing Bra

One downside to nursing for me is the fact that I have to wear a bra all the time, even when I sleep.  I've tried a lot of different sleep bras, but this one from Simple Wishes is my favorite!  It's so soft and comfortable, plus it's affordable.  It's under $30!  If you want to try one out for yourself you can order through my link HERE!!! and get an extra 10% off your purchase.  I'm excited to try out more of their bras soon! 

I will see you back next month!! 

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