Easy DIY Halloween Costumes in Your Closet

in , by Katie Margaret, October 12, 2020
Easy DIY Halloween costumes #diy #diyhalloweencostumes

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I'm so excited about today's blog post because it's one I've been wanting to share for a long time.  I love Halloween.  It's always been one of my favorite holidays because it's just so much fun.  I love getting dressed up and planning out my Halloween costumes.  I always have ever since I was a kid.  Throughout my life, I have found that my most memorable Halloween costumes were always the ones that I created on my own rather than the ones I bought at a costume store.  I find that it's always more fun to get creative with your Halloween costumes and it also saves you a lot of money.  You would be surprised by how many DIY Halloween costumes you could come up with just by looking in your own closet. 

For this post, I headed into my closet to see what kinds of Halloween costumes I could come up with.  I was able to create 6 easy DIY Halloween costumes just by using my regular clothes and accessories in my closet.  Here is what I came up with!

Sandy from Grease DIY Halloween costumes #diyhalloweencostume

Easy DIY Sandy from Grease Halloween costumes

1.) Sandy from Grease

I've always wanted to dress up like Sandy from Grease.  Grease was always one of my favorite movies growing up.  I can't tell you how many times my friends and I belted out Summer Lovin' while hanging out together.  Grease always brings back such good memories for me.  That's why I knew I could go for a Sandy costume.  With faux leather leggings and moto jackets being so popular at the moment, Sandy is the perfect Halloween costume to pull off right now. 

Breakfast at Tiffany's DIY Halloween costumes #diyhalloweencostumes

Easy DIY Breakfast at Tiffany's Halloween costumes #diyhalloweencostume

2.) Breakfast at Tiffany's

I love Audrey Hepburn's classic look in Breakfast at Tiffany's.  It's so easy to pull off too.  All you need is a black dress and some accessories.  I wore my favorite black dress and just added all the rhinestones and pearls that I could find in my jewelry box.  I didn't have a tiara to pull off the classic hairstyle, but I did have a comb that I wore on my wedding day.  I also didn't have a cigarette holder, but my eyeliner worked fine.  The one thing that I wish I had to complete the look would be some long black gloves.  

Rosie the Riveter makeup and hair for Halloween costume #diyhalloweencotume

Easy DIY Rosie the Riveter Halloween costume #diyhalloweencostume

3.) Rosie the Riveter

I love the iconic image of Rosie the Riveter.  She is a symbol of girl power and an easy costume for anyone to pull off.  I just wore my chambray shirt with some jeans and tennis shoes.  The best part of the costume is the hair and makeup.  I put my hair in a ponytail but left the front part out.  I then curled it and just bobby pinned it down and added my red bandana.  For makeup, I added some eyeliner and red lips.  You have to go with red lips for the 1940's makeup look. 

Easy DIY Where's Waldo Halloween costumes #diyhalloweencostume

DIY Where's Waldo teacher Halloween costume #teacherhalloweencostumes

4.) Where's Waldo

This costume is so easy I only wish I would have thought of it when I was still teaching preschool.  It's the perfect teacher Halloween costume or favorite character day costume.  I just wore my red and white striped shirt with jeans and tennis shoes, then added a benni hat and glasses. 

Flight attendant Halloween costume #halloweencostume

Easy DIY flight attendant Halloween costume #diyhalloweencostume

5.) Flight Attended

Of course, I needed to put together a flight attended costume.  I am married to a pilot after all.  All you need for this costume is a black or navy pencil skirt and blazer.  I accessorized with my husband's old wings from work (the kid wings work just fine too!) and my red bandana.  You can always add a suitcase to the costume or drink tray as a prop. 

Easy DIY scarecrow Halloween costume #diyhalloweencostume

Easy scarecrow teacher Halloween costume #teacherhalloweencostume

6.) Scarecrow/ Farmer

A scarecrow or farmer is an easy Halloween costume to wear.  If you have a plaid shirt in your closet you can pull it off.  For accessories, I added a fall hat, my red bandanna, and my brown booties.  I find this costume to be another good one teacher Halloween costume for the classroom. 

Those are my easy DIY Halloween costumes and guess what?  They didn't cost any money!!  What Halloween costumes can you create with your wardrobe? 


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Easy DIY Halloween costumes in your closet #diyhalloweencostumes


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