Baby Update- Three Months

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3 month baby picture #monthlybabypicture

Baby Update

Anna is 3 months already!  That’s a quarter of a year!  I can’t believe how fast it’s going, but if I learned one thing from the first time around, it’s that babies grow fast.  You have to soak it all in while you can!

This month Anna's likes are smiling, her big brother, standing up when she’s held, and bath time.  Really there’s not much she doesn’t like.  So far her only dislike is her car seat.  She hates it and cries every time she’s in it unless she’s sleeping.  Anna has been getting so active this month.  I can tell that we are officially out of the newborn stage.  She’s grabbing at everything, eating her hands, and even rolling over.  She can roll from tummy to back and back to tummy.  It seems pretty early to be that mobile, but she probably can’t wait to keep up with her big brother.

 Her sleep routine is pretty much the same as last month.  She has been sleeping in our room in the little bassinet attachment from our Pack 'n Play, but she’s outgrown it now.  Since our bedroom is too small for a normal size bassinet, we moved her Pack 'n Play into the kitchen right outside our bedroom door.  That’s been working well because I can still hear her when she cries and she has enough room to stretch out.   
3 month baby update

The hair

Let's talk about all that hair for a minute.  I feel like I have to address her hair because everyone comments on it.  I was completely shocked when I saw all that dark hair when she was born.  I was expecting a baby with just a little fuzz.  That's why I bought her a ton of bows before she was born, so I could put them on so people would know she's a girl.  We haven't had any problems with people not thinking she's a girl though.  Not with all that hair.  It's growing so much.  I keep wondering how long it will be by the time she turns one.  Once she can sit up I will have an easier time fixing it, but as of right now the hair is a little crazy on most days. 
3 month baby update


 Breastfeeding is still going strong.  I’m still exclusively breastfeeding, which is a commitment, but  I'm finding it so much easier this time around I don't mind it at all.  I'm still pumping at least once a day and stocking up on milk, but I'm starting to run out of room in my freezer, so I'm not sure how much longer I can continue to stock.  As of right now, I'm going to continue to just breastfeed until I start introducing solid foods, then I will re-evaluate if I want to start to add a little formula here and there.  I think the one thing I learned from breastfeeding the first time around is that you just need to take it month by month.  I made it 7 months with Jack and I regretted stopping so early.  This time around things are a little different and I'm hoping to go longer, especially because this is my last baby.  

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 Life with 2 kids 

I'm slowly learning how to juggle 2 kids.  Jack has been my biggest challenge with our transition, but lately, he's been pretty good.  He still needs a lot of my attention though.  He really loves his little sister.  Anna is pretty easy.  During the week I'm home with Anna and Jack is at school.  It's nice to have the downtime and just enjoy some one on one time with Anna.  When Jack is home Anna seems to be pretty entertained by him.  She's always watching him. 

We did take a couple trips this month.  Nothing big, just visits with family, but I've learned a couple things about traveling with more than one child.  The first thing is to give yourself plenty of time.  A 2-hour drive is a 3-hour drive and a 4-hour drive is a 6-hour drive.  The second thing I learned is to overpack for the kids.  Little Anna has taught me that you can never have enough diapers, wipes, or extra clothes on hand when traveling.  Even when you are just planning a quick Target trip, you need lots of extras.   

3 month baby update

 Postpartum update 

 I almost feel normal again.  Things are starting to go back into place and my jeans fit again.  Yay!  I’m excited about that!  I’m still working on it though.  It takes 9 months to grow a baby, so I know it takes time for it to go back to what it was, or close to what it was.  I've been trying to work out at least 5 days a week for 20 minutes.  I'm not pushing it too much, I'm just trying to get my body moving again and I'm doing some postpartum ab exercises that seem to be working.  I just feel like it's nice to get into a routine of working out every day, even if it's just for 20 minutes.  

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