Fall trends to try #fall #falloutfits

 Do you ever find a cute outfit you like on Pinterest or Instagram and think, I really love this look, but I could never pull it off? I know I do that all the time.  I sometimes worry that I might be too old to wear something or it might look dumb on me.  I think we all do that though.  Lately, I've been trying to take more risks with my outfits.  I'm not doing anything too crazy, just trying a few new styles to see how I like them.  If it's not for me, I don't keep them, but what I've been finding out is that I am really loving the new fashion risks I'm trying out.  

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For today's post, I want to share some ways that you can step up your fall outfits and feel more stylish.  These are things that I may have not tried a couple years ago, but now I'm starting to love them.  

Fall trends to try #falltrends #falloutfit #fall

1.) Accessorize with a hat

I never considered myself a hat person, but now I love them.  I started off small by wearing a baseball cap here and there and now I've moved on to wearing hats year-round.  I loved my straw fedora hat so much that I had to get a fall fedora hat.  I find hats to be pretty practical.  Not only do they keep the sun off your face, but you can hide your dirty hair under them on your no-wash days. 

Fall trends to try #falltrends #fall

2.) Replace your regular leggings with faux leather leggings

I was a little scared to try out faux leather leggings at first, but I'm so glad I did because I love them!  They are a great alternative to wearing regular leggings.  They just make your outfit pop.  I bought my faux leather leggings at American Eagle.  Everyone swears that Spanx faux leather leggings are the best and I'm sure they are great, but I just can't justify the price.  I've been very happy with my leggings.  They are great quality and suck everything in.  

Fall trends to try #falltrends #fall

3.) Over the knee boots

Over the knee boots have been popular for a couple years now.  I've been wanting them for so long and I finally bought a pair.  I really loved this pair HERE, but I ended up going with the flat heel boots from Target.  They were a great price and I feel like flats are probably best for mom life.  The flat heel is less intimidating too.  If you are someone unsure if you can pull off over the knee boots, the flat heel is a good way to ease your way into the style. 

Fall trends to try #fall #falltrends

4.) Oversized sweater

I'm all about a good oversized sweater when the weather cools off.  If you are wearing leggings a sweater long enough to cover your butt is a must.  I love this mock neck sweater (HERE) from Amazon.  It's lightweight, which I prefer.  It's even good to layer under jackets. 

Those are some easy ways that you can step up your outfits this fall.  Which trend will you try this fall?


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Fall trends to try to feel more stylish #falltrends #fall

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  1. I love the hat trend!!! It really takes the outfit to the next level.


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