The Ultimate Spring Maternity Wardrobe
Having a baby due on the summer solstice means that each one of my trimesters has been through an entire season.  My first trimester was during the fall, the second was winter and now for my final season, I will be going through the spring.  I'm actually really excited that my third trimester is during the spring.  It's not too hot, I can wear almost anything and I can't wait to wear dresses and sandals!!

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For today's post, I have put together my ultimate spring maternity wardrobe.  These are the items that I will be wearing the most this spring and I can't wait!  

Basic Maternity Tank Tops

Having good basic tops to layer over is an important part of a maternity wardrobe.  I like to stick with basic colors like black, white, gray and stripes.  That way you can get a lot of use out of them and wear them under almost anything!

T-shirts (non-maternity)

In the spring, regular non-maternity t-shirts are great for layering.  They may not fit over your belly, but you can tie them up over your bump.  I love this look.  It can really add to a simple dress or skirt to make the outfit pop! 


I love wearing midi skirts over my bump.  Skirts are so comfortable and you can switch up your tops and layers to give you multiple outfits to wear.

Fitted maternity tank dress

I love to show off my belly when I'm pregnant because it's the one time in your life you can be really proud of your midsection and not worry about sucking in.  That's why a fitted tank dress is the perfect maternity dress to wear.


Kimonos are my favorite layering piece for spring.  They are a great alternative to a traditional cardigan and they can add a lot of color to your basic looks. 

Denim Jacket

If your new here, you should know that I love denim jackets.  It is probably the best layering piece you can ever buy for yourself.  It just creates such an effortlessly stylish look whenever you wear one.

Maternity Jeans

Having at least one good pair of maternity jeans during pregnancy is a must.  It's good to find something that's versatile and can be worn during a couple different seasons, including spring. 

Maternity Leggings 

Are you surprised that I have leggings on my list? Probably not.  You can wear them in so many different ways during the spring.  I love how leggings look with some cute sandals or slip-on shoes.


Cardigans are always a good idea in the spring.  I really love light pastel colors for spring.

Button-down shirts

Button-down shirts are perfect for layering while pregnant.  I really love a good chambray or plaid shirt.  You can knot them, button them (if it will still fit over your bump) or just wear them open.

Sandals (slip-on)

Sandals are perfect to wear while pregnant.  Slip-on sandals to be exact.  It doesn't take long until you are over tying and buckling your shoes, so slides and flip flops are your best friends.


Slip-on flats are another great shoe option for spring when you're pregnant.  They are comfortable and easy to get on, which are key for your maternity shoe collection.

Slip-on sneakers  

Slip-on sneakers are the other style of slip-on shoes that I've been wearing a lot this spring.  They are so comfortable!


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