What to Wear in Your Second Trimester

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I'm so excited about today's post because I'm teaming up with a fellow blogging friend of mine, Adrianna from the blog Adrianna Borher.  I found Adrianna's blog on Pinterest a while back and I was immediately drawn to her cute, laid back, everyday mom style.  Her blog is filled with some amazing budget-friendly style tips!  I found out that we not only share a love for budget-friendly style, but we are both moms of little boys and we are both pregnant with our second baby.  (She's due soon!!)   Today Adriana is sharing a post all about called 3 Fail-Proof Maternity Outfits to Feel Cute and Comfy During the First Trimester. We all know that feeling cute and comfortable during that first trimester is so important. For my post today, I'm sharing What to Wear During Your Second Trimester.  I thought this would be a fun way for all of you to get some extra maternity style inspiration no matter what stage of pregnancy you are in.

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Let's talk about the second trimester.  Most women would agree that the second trimester is the best of the 3 trimesters of pregnancy.  Your pregnancy is no longer a secret, so you are probably excited to start showing off that growing bump.  One of the biggest changes in your second trimester is watching your belly go from barely showing at all to BAMB baby bump!!  It's definitely a wardrobe transitional trimester.  It's the perfect trimester to start shopping for maternity clothes and figure out what non-maternity clothes you can continue to wear throughout your pregnancy.

Here are 5 items in my wardrobe that I've been wearing all the time throughout my second trimester.

Look 1: Top || Leggings || Shoes || Hat
Look 2: Sweatshirt || Jacket || Leggings || Shoes || Hat || Purse
Look 3: Top || Button-down || Leggings || Shoes || Hat


Leggings, leggings, leggings!  Leggings are always my number one clothing item to wear in every trimester of pregnancy.  During the second trimester, you can easily still wear all your non-maternity leggings, but as your belly gets bigger you might want to start looking for some maternity leggings to give you some extra support and comfort.  I have bought 2 pairs of maternity leggings so far.  One pair from H&M (HERE) and one from Motherhood Maternity (HERE). I am still able to wear my lower rise non-maternity leggings, especially when I wear them with my belly band (HERE), but I'm finding that my maternity leggings have been the most comfortable option for me when it comes to wearing leggings.

Look 1: Top || Jeans || Shoes
Look 2: Top || Jacket || Jeans || Shoes || Purse
Look 3: Top || Jacket || Jeans || Shoes

Full-Pannel Maternity Jeans

I don't love maternity jeans, so in my last pregnancy, I didn't wear them very much.  This time around I'm preferring my maternity jeans over my non-maternity jeans with a belly band.  I find the most comfortable style are full-pannel maternity jeans.  I like having the band around your belly because it offers more support and coverage than the low rise maternity jean style.  You can start wearing them as soon as your non-maternity jeans start to feel snug.  I have been wearing my favorite pair of maternity jeans from PinkBlush (HERE) on repeat.  I sized down from my normal size because I feel that maternity jeans tend to run big and these ones fit me great.

Look 1: Button-down || Cardigan || Leggings || Shoes 
Look 2: Top || Jeans || Shoes
Look 3: Top || Cardigan || Jeans || Shoes

Long tops

During your second trimester, you probably don't need to buy any maternity tops yet.  However, try to make sure you have a longer shirt.  As your belly grows, your tops will start to shink up, so having some extra length in your tops will help you wear your non-maternity shirts longer.  I do have a couple maternity tops that I've been wearing here and there, but it was only recently that I felt I was actually filling them out, that's why I've just been sticking with my long non-maternity tops.

Look 1: Dress || Jacket || Tights (Use code THRIFTYWIFE10 for $10 off) || Shoes
Look 2: Dress || Button-down || Shoes
Look 3: Dress || Cardigan || Tights (Use code THRIFTYWIFE10 for $10 off) || Shoes

Flowy Dresses

Flowy dresses can be your best friend during pregnancy, especially in your second trimester.  I'm sure if you look in your closet you probably have one or two dresses, if not more, that you can wear over your growing bump.  If not, it's not hard to find a cute swing dress any time of the year.  In the winter you can layer them over tights with some boots and in the spring and summer wear them on their own or with a denim jacket or chambray top tied up.

Look1: Top || Cardigan || Leggings || Slippers
Look 2: Top || Cardigan || Leggings || Shoes
Look 3: Top || Cardigan || Jeans || Shoes


Layers are always a good idea, whether you're pregnant or not.  During my second trimester, I wore a lot of cardigans.  A key look for me is always, Top + Leggings + Cardigan.  It's comfortable and always cute.  I prefer to wear longer boyfriend style cardigans because I like to make sure my butt is always covered in the back.

Obviously, every woman's body is different and we all start showing at different times, but these are my go-to clothing items during my second trimester.  Don't forget to head over to Adrianna's blog to read her post and get some first-trimester outfit inspiration.


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