My Top 10 Favorite Finds of 2019

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Top 10 Favorite Finds of 2019
As a girl who loves to shop, I try not to be a shopaholic or a wasteful shopper.  I try to be mindful of each purchase I make throughout the year.  I keep an ongoing wish list in the notes on my phone to limit the number of impulse buys I make.  I also try to be as budget-friendly as I can when I shop.  I strive to stay under $50 on each shopping trip or online order and I try to limit the amount of shopping I do. I don't keep a record of my purchases throughout the year, but I think it's something that I'm going to do this next coming year.  I think it would be nice to see on paper how much I actually spend throughout the year.  

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This year I thought it would be fun to look back at my purchases and see what ones were my favorite finds.  I do my best to find balance in my wardrobe by mixing in thrifted items and new items into my shopping purchases.  I am also gifted a decent amount of clothes throughout the year from different shops and brands, but since I didn't actually purchase those items, I didn't include anything gifted in my round-up.  However, I should mention that almost all my clothes purchase from 2019 were paid for by the money I made from this blog.  It's been really nice that this blog has been able to support my shopping hobby, so I should say a big thank you to all of you who have helped that happen! 

It wasn't easy for me to pick out just 10 favorite finds of the year.  I did leave out a lot of other great purchases, but I think I'm pretty happy with my top 10.  

Top 10 Favorite Finds of 2019- Floral Jumpsuit
 Floral Jumpsuit- Savers $8 
Savers was my favorite thrift store to shop at in Las Vegas and I'm so sad that they don't have them in Michigan, but I made sure to make one last shopping trip before I moved.  This jumpsuit was one of my finds.  Even though I haven't been able to wear this many times yet, I still had to add this to my list, because I really love it.  I think it will be a really nice option to wear this summer when I'm postpartum.  It's very nursing friendly and extremely comfortable.
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Top 10 Favorite Finds of 2019- Button front denim skirt
This was another thrift find from my last Savers shopping trip.  I had been wanting a button front denim skirt like this for a while and so I was thrilled that I found one for such a great price.  It really turned out to be a great purchase because I wore it so much over the summer.
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Top 10 Favorite Finds of 2019- Black jumpsuit
This was not only one of my favorite buys of the year, but it was the best selling item on my RewardStyle.  This jumpsuit is so practical, so comfortable and so easy to wear.  I found myself wearing it all summer long and even into the fall.  I know that I will be getting a lot more wear out of it in 2020!
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Top 10 Favorite Finds of 2019- Scallop slides
These were probably my best shoe purchase of 2019.  I loved them when I first saw them at the store in the spring, but I waited until June to buy them.  I just love the scallop edges and plus they go with everything!

Top 10 Favorite Finds of 2019- Striped romper
2019 was the year of rompers and jumpsuits for me.  This lightweight romper was one of my favorite things to wear this summer.  I liked it so much I even bought it in black.
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Top 10 Favorite Finds of 2019- Straw hat
I didn't know how much use I would get out of a summer hat until I bought this one.  It became one of my favorite summer accessories.  

Top 10 Favorite Finds of 2019- Cropped Flare Jeans
Who can resist a good Old Navy clearance?  I had seen these jeans back in the spring and I loved them, but they were full price and I didn't want to buy them.  Then in August, I stopped in Old Navy one day and I ended up finding these on clearance.  I loved that they had a button fly and they were cropped and flared.  They were different from all my other jeans.
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Top 10 Favorite Finds of 2019- Button fly jeans
I bought a lot of new fall clothes in September, but by far my favorite was this pair of jeans.  They are so flattering and comfortable.  I love the look of them.  I wore them so much, but sadly I had to retire them for the year already, because of my growing baby bump.  The good news is that after I have this baby, these are going to be my motivation to get back in shape.  

Top 10 Favorite Finds of 2019- Paper bag waist pants
I've had a hard time getting back into thrifting after we moved this year, but these pants make me want to start thrifting more often again.  They were such a good find.  I'm a little sad that I can't wear them right now, but I feel like they are something that I will be able to hold onto for a while and wear often. 

Top 10 Favorite Finds of 2019- Plaid Scarf
This is one of my last purchases of the year.  It was just in time for Christmas.  A plaid scarf was on my list this year, so I was happy when I found this one at a second-hand store for only $5.  I know as it gets colder, scarves like this one always get used. 

Those are my top 10 favorite finds from 2019.  Overall I think all of these purchases will be in my closet long term and get a lot of wear in the future.  What were your favorite purchases made in 2019?

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  1. Oh my goodness! I am so excited to know I'm not the only SAVERS shopper! I have listed them in every state I have traveled!


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