5 Fashion Rules to Forget

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5 Fashion Rules to Forget

When I was growing up, I was taught fashion rules from my friends and family that have stuck with me over time.  The rules that I thought once applied, really don't make sense to me anymore.  Have you ever seen a fashion designer follow fashion rules?  Here are 5 fashion rules that you can go ahead and forget!

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White after Labor Day: 5 Fashion Rules to Forget
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1.) You can't wear white after Labor Day

Who made up this rule? Why is white only a summer color?  White pants look great with a sweater and boots.  I say, if you like white, wear it.

Denim on Denim: 5 Fashion Rules to Forget

2.) You can't wear denim on denim

I was in college when I first learned what a Canadian tuxedo was.  I had worn a denim jacket with jeans to a party and one of my friends said "nice Canadian tuxedo".  I had no clue what that was, but it stuck with me for years.  I never mixed denim together, until now.  There is nothing wrong with a good "Canadian tuxedo" outfit.

Mixing prints: 5 Fashion Rules to Forget

3.) You can't mix prints

This is one of the first fashion rules you learn as a child.  You can't mix your prints.  Well, you can mix prints.  If you want to wear a striped top with leopard flats go for it. Or a plaid scarf with a striped dress!

Mixing brown and black: 5 Fashion Rules to Forget

4.) You can't mix brown and black

Whoever made up this rule probably didn't have the same love for leopard print that I do.  This was one of those rules I took very seriously in high school.  I always made sure my belt colors matched my shoes and I would never wear brown shoes with black jeans.  I'm all about mixing brown and black now.

Leggings can't be worn as pants: 5 Fashion Rules to Forget
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5.) Leggings can't be worn as pants

Leggings are pants.  To me, they are a comfortable alternative to jeans.  As long as leggings are worn in the correct way, I'm all about wearing leggings our of the house. 

The number one fashion rule that you should always follow is... Be true to you!  Wear what you love and feel confident in.  What are some fashion rules that have stuck with you?

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