March Daily Outfits Review

in , , , by Katie Margaret, March 30, 2019
Daily Outfits
Hey guys! It's time for another daily outfit review.  March was a long month for me.  I have to say that these 31 day months are a little harder to get through, especially when you have no days off work. I'm patiently waiting for my spring break next month. It's been hard seeing all my family and friends on social media enjoy their spring breaks already, but it's okay. Good things are worth waiting for. 

Anyway, March was another busy month.  It's been nice that the weather is warming up and it's staying light longer.  This means better outfits and better lighting for outfit selfies.  That's probably why I have a good selection of outfits this month.  I love being able to share my daily looks with you all because these are my real outfits I put together, not that I don't wear the other outfits I share, but you can see how I repeat my clothes and still wear a new outfit each day. Scroll down to see all my favorite looks from the month. 

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Stripes and leopard flats
T-shirt- Target (similar
Cardigan- Savers- Old Navy (exact- color not currently sold)
Jeans- Savers- Old Navy (similar
Shoes- Walmart (exact

Preschool Teacher daily outfits
Top- Savers- Old Navy (similar
Jeans- Target (exact
Jacket- Savers- Old Navy (similar
Shoes- Walmart (similar

daily outfit
Top- Turquoise and Tangerine (Check out my post on it HERE
Cardigan- Forever 21 (similar
Jeans- Savers- Old Navy (similar
Shoes- ThredUp- Sonoma (similar

Polka dot dress
Dress- ThredUp- Menora (Similar
Shoes- ThredUp- Madden Girl (similar

daily outfits
Tops- Old Navy (similar)
Cardigan- H&M (exact)
Jeans- Abercrombie (similar
Shoes- Lulus (exact, similar
Necklace- Nordstrom (exact

daily outfits
Top- Goodwill-Gap (similar)
Jeans- Target (exact)
Jacket- Savers- Old Navy (similar)
Shoes- Walmart (similar)

daily outfits
Top- Abercrombie (exact)
Cardigan- Charlotte Russe (similar)
Jeans- Abercrombie (similar)
Sandals- Burlington Coat Factory (similar)
Earrings- Etsy (exact)

preschool teacher daily outfits
Top- Old Navy (exact)
Jeans- Target (exact)
Cardigan- Forever 21 (similar)
Shoes- Walmart  (similar)

preschool teacher daily outfits
Top- Target (exact)
Cardigan- Old Navy (exact- color currently not sold)
Jeans- Old Navy (exact)
Shoes- Walmart (exact)
Necklace- Kohl's (similar)

preschool teacher daily outfits
Top- Nordstrom- (exact, similar)
Jeans- Target (exact)
Jacket- Old Navy (similar)
Shoes- Burlington Coat Factory (similar)
Purse- Couch Outlet (similar)

I'm excited for April.  Look for more outfit posts and I have some exciting things coming up in my life that I can't wait to share with all of you!

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  1. It's hard to choose a favorite because I love them all. Also, I adore those yellow statement earrings.

    1. Thank you so much! Those earrings are some of my favorites. They are very easy to wear.


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