Surviving the Heat of Summer with Little Kids

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I know that summer is coming to an end for most people, but for us here in Las Vegas, it feels like summer will never end.  Summer is long here and it's hot.  Hot is an understatement.  It is brutally hot in Las Vegas during the summer.  As a mom of a young toddler, the summer months can be tricky.  I worry a lot about how the heat affects my little guy.  This is my 3rd summer as a mom and I've learned a few tricks on how to stay cool and comfortable during our forever summers.  Today I want to go through and give some tips on how we have survived the hot summers while having a young child.

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Pools and Splash Pads
Yes, pools are the perfect place to cool off in the summertime, especially when you live in the desert.  We are pretty lucky that we have a neighborhood pool, so we can go whenever we feel like cooling off.  We also have lots of parks in our area with splash pads which is always fun.  Another thing that we have started to do this summer is going to local resort pools.  A lot of them are free for locals and it's a fun way to have a little day vacation.

Keep Your Car Shaded
We drive small cars without tinted windows, so when Jack was a little baby I was very concerned about the sun shining in on him while driving in the car.  I bought some sunshades (similar HERE and HERE) to put in our windows and they have worked out pretty well.  It's probably best to drive a car with tinted windows in the back if you have kids, but if you don't have them, it's always nice to know a different option is there.

 Lightweight clothes
Dressing in lightweight clothes is the way to go in the summertime for adults and kids.  Currently, I dress Jack in a cotton t-shirt and shorts almost every day.  When he was a little baby, I pretty much dressed him in onesies every day.  A great way to dress up a onesie on a baby is to add some cute little footwear.  These lightweight booties from Bird Rock Baby are the cutest way to dress up a simple onesie on a baby.  I personally love the cactus print, because I think it goes perfectly for a desert summer.

Indoor Activities in the Air Conditioning
We all know that you can always stay inside your house in the air conditioning, but there are tons of indoor activities for kids.  I've learned from watching Blippi on YouTube kids that there are a lot of indoor playgrounds in Las Vegas, which we haven't taken Jack to any yet, but I would love to go one day.  There are also children's museums, arcades, movie theatres, and aquariums.  You can just google indoor activities for kids and I'm sure you will find a whole list of things to do in your area.  I think it's important to not get cabin fever during the summer months.  There is enough of that during the winter months.

A vacation to Cooler Temperatures
When I lived in Michigan, I liked to vacation to warmer places.  Now that I live in Las Vegas, I like to vacation to cooler places.  We went to Oceanside, CA this summer and it was amazing to feel cooler temperatures.  It was still warm, but it was nice to escape the heat and feel 70 degrees.

Drink lots of Water
For my last tip, I think that it's pretty obvious, but important not to forget.  Staying hydrated is so important when it's hot out, especially for little kids.  I always keep a water cup in my purse whenever we leave the house.  When Jack was nursing the doctor told me to make sure he was eating often to stay hydrated and once he turned six months I started keeping some water in a little sippy for him.  You can't forget water during the summer.

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