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Hey guys!  So I have been collecting a lot of outfit selfies from the last couple of months of my weekly wardrobe.  I've been wanting to share a big round-up of all my favorite work outfits from the year, but whenever I go to start writing the post I get so overwhelmed.  That's why I thought I would take it slow and just share the last couple of weeks.

I take an outfit selfie before work pretty much every day that I like my outfit and sometimes that's a lot.  Going to work in a cute outfit helps me feel good about my self and puts me in a better mood.  That's why I love to share what I wear to help all of you get that same feeling.  I don't love waking up at 5am and getting myself ready to be out the door by 7:15, but I do love having something to do every day.  My job is my social outlet at the moment.  It actually brightens my day when I see my other co-workers coming to work in cute outfits and telling me that they were inspired to dress a little more stylish from reading my blog.

I always like to mention that I work in a preschool classroom, so I have to keep it casual and comfortable, but I still try to stay someone stylish.  I think I may have shared this story before, but I'll share it again.  My first job out of college was at a child care center and they had a strict dress code.  You had to wear a company polo shirt with black pants or khakis.  I hated it. (not so much the job, just the dress code.)  After that, I always asked at my interviews what the dress code is because I'm just not the uniform-wearing kind of girl.  I'll save that for my husband.

Anyway, here are 7 outfits from the last two weeks.  A lot of my clothes are thrifted, so I will write where I bought them, what store they are from (if I know) and I will also link a similar affordable option for you! 

 Top- ThredUP- Target (SIMILAR) || Jeans- Goodwill- Hollister (SIMILAR) || Shoes- Walmart (EXACT) || Earrings- Target (SIMILAR)

 Dress- Savers- Old Navy (SIMILAR) || Jacket- Savers- Old Navy (SIMILAR) || Shoes- Walmart (EXACT)

 Top- Shein (EXACT) || Jeans- Goodwill- Hollister (SIMILAR) || Shoes- Walmart (EXACT) || Earrings- Target (SIMILAR)

 Top- Target (SIMILAR) || Skirt- TJMaxx (SIMILAR) || Shoes- Burlington Coat Factory (SIMILAR)

Top- Target (SIMILAR) || Skirt- ThredUP- Forever 21 (SIMILAR) || Shoes- Nordstrom- Converse (EXACT)

 Dress- Walmart (SIMILAR) || Top- Target (SIMILAR) || Shoes- Nordstrom- Converse (EXACT) || Necklace- Kohl's- LC Lauren Conrad (SIMILAR)

Dress- ThredUP (SIMILAR) || Top- Savers- H&M (SIMILAR) || Shoes- Walmart (EXACT)

Hopefully, this gave you a little motivation for your wardrobe this week.  I hope everyone has a great week!!

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