3 Casual Short Outfits

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For today's post, I want to talk about jean shorts.  I don't think that I've had a pair of jean shorts that I've loved since the late '90s.  I don't love shorts that much.  I always preferred pants and dresses.  I can't remember what I wore in high school, but I'm pretty sure I usually wore jeans.  In college, I remember wearing a lot of jean skirts...Laguna Beach style, Abercrombie jean skirts to be exact.  It wasn't until the last couple of summers that I've been really wanting to find a good pair of jean shorts that I could wear with everything.

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 If I didn't care about how much money I spent on my clothes, a search for the right pair of shorts would have been easy, but since I'm the thrifty shopper that I am, I had to find a pair of shorts at the right price.  I had bought a couple pairs of shorts at thrift stores that I've worn the last couple of summers and they were fine, but I didn't love them.  They were either too short or too tight.  This spring I decided I was just going to find a pair of shorts that I really liked, but I set my budget at $15. I did some browsing at my favorite stores like Target and Old Navy, but I didn't love what I saw. Over spring break, I decided to take a trip to the mall.  I rarely go to the mall, but I wanted to see what the selection looked like.  I found myself at Charlotte Russe.  They had a great selection of jean shorts and they were all on sale for $15.  I was so happy when I found this pair HERE. They had the perfect length that I was looking for, with the right amount of distress to them, plus they fit me perfectly! 

Since I don't get to wear my jean shorts to work, I usually just wear them on the weekend.  Today, I put together 3 casual weekend outfits that I know I'll be wearing this spring. 

First up is this simple long-sleeve Old Navy top that I thrifted from the Goodwill (Similar HERE).  I love wearing my converse (exact HERE) in the spring and summer with my shorts.  This is the perfect weekend errand running look.  

I love to wear lightweight cardigans in the spring over a tank top.  I bought this cardigan when I was pregnant at Nordstrom Rack (similar HERE).  I think the light colors are perfect for the spring.  I wore it over a high neck tank top I bought last year at Old Navy (similar HERE).  For shoes, I wanted to try out wearing my peep-toe booties with my shorts.  These Target shoes were thrifted from ThredUp (similar HERE).

I love gingham and I just love how it looks with this color of jeans.  This gingham shirt was a Target clearance find from a few years back (similar HERE), and it's been a staple in my closet ever since.  I found these $4 leopard flip flops at Charlotte Russe when I bought my shorts (exact HERE but the leopard print is sold out.  I love the blush HERE as a second choice.)  I couldn't believe that I didn't have an everyday pair of flip flops that weren't the cheap Old Navy foam flip flops.  

Unfortunately, the $15 sale looks like it's over, but they are still under $25.  If you want to find a good pair of jean shorts for this summer, I've rounded up a few pairs under $25 for you below.  Happy Shopping everyone!

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