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in , , , by Katie Margaret, February 04, 2018
Happy Monday everyone!  It's been a while since I last posted my weekday outfits.  Sometimes I just really miss sharing my weekly outfit selfies. I had hoped to post this one last Friday, but these posts actually take some time to put together, so I thought I'd give you a little inspiration for this coming up week.  

I know I've said this before, but it's hard to put together cute outfits when you're a preschool teacher.  I spend the entire day with my little ones.  We eat together, play together, do art, go outside.  I'm always worried about ruining my clothes at work.   The good thing is, I buy most of my work clothes at thrift stores.  

Here are my outfits from last week. 

Thrifty Wife, Happy Life- Pinkblush cardigan with leopard print pockets
Top- Forever 21 (similar) || Jeans- Hollister (similar) || Cardigan-  PinkBlush (similar) || Shoes- Ross (similar) || Purse- Last Call Neiman Marcus (similar)

Thrifty Wife, Happy Life- Stripe sweater and jeans. Preschool teacher outfit ideas
Sweater- H&M (similar) || Jeans- LC Lauren Conrad (similar)  || Shoes- Target (similar

Thrifty Wife, Happy Life- Preschool teacher outfit ideas. Layered Chambray shirt
Top- Target (similar) || Cardigan- Target (similar) || Jeans- Old Navy (similar) || Shoes- Target (similar

Thrifty Wife, Happy Life- Preschool teacher outfit ideas. Sweater and jeans
Sweater- Banana Republic (similar) || Jeans- Hollister (similar) || Shoes- Burlington Coat Factory (similar)

Thrifty Wife, Happy Life- Preschool teacher outfit ideas. White jeans with denim jacket and white jeans
Top- PinkBlush (exact) || Jacket- Jessica Simpson (similar) || Pants- Target (similar) || Shoes- Burlington Coat Factory (similar)

I should mention that Friday was a teacher workday, so I usually like to wear something that I can't wear around the kids.  On this particular day, I wore my white jeans with my favorite booties.

I hope you have a great week!

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