My baby is 2!!

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Our first time meeting.  

Our first night home from the hospital.  I could not stop staring at him. 
It's hard to believe that my little guy is already 2.  It seems like just yesterday we were all anxiously awaiting his arrival.  My pregnancy with Jack was very healthy and pretty easy for the most part.  After I got past the never-ending morning sickness in the first trimester, I felt pretty good.  Jack was an extremely active baby though.  There was never a time that I couldn't feel his little feet kicking into my sides.  He was always on the go, even before he was out of the whom. 

He surprised us all by arriving 10 days early.  I had no problem with that because I wanted him out by that time.  I remember going to the doctor's on a Monday and he talked to me about inducing on my due date.  I came home that day and discussed it with Kevin and we decided that it would be best to try to get him out by his due date.  I had planned to talk to my doctor the following Monday at my next appointment.  Little did I know, Jack had different plans.  By Wednesday night, my water broke.  We headed to the hospital early in the morning on Thursday and by late afternoon on Thursday, February 11th, we had our little boy in our arms.  My delivery didn't go as expected for me.  Jack would not come out, so after 3 hours of pushing we decided it was safest for a C-section.  At the time I was so upset over this, but now looking back I completely understand why Jack was born cesarean.  He probably didn't think that coming out the natural way was efficient enough, so he was too stubborn and made the doctors come and get him. 

Fast forward 2 years later, I have a healthy, active, smart, funny and loving little boy.  I've said it before, but I'm amazed at how smart my little guy is.  He soaks in everything.  Right now he is completely obsessed with letters.  He has a letter puzzle that my mom bought him when she visited and he plays with it non-stop.  He sings the alphabet song all the time and the best part is when he sings "Now I know my ABC's, Next time won't you sing with me." It sounds more like "Now I ABC, Next time won't you me!"  He also knows his numbers 1-10 and loves to count, especially when he jumps off of furniture.  

At school, Jack is officially in the toddler classroom.  He was such a big boy in the baby room, so it's fun to see him with the older kids.  I can already tell that he is learning a lot from the other children.  I'm happy to report that I no longer have to worry about packing a lunch for Jack to bring to school now that he eats with the big kids.  This saves me a lot of time and dishes to wash every night.  I actually only have to run the dishwasher every other night now!!

  Jack has already been showing a lot of the terrible 2's signs.  Tantrums are daily.  Some days are worst than others, but I'm hopeful that the more he learns more words he will have less tantrums.  Speaking of words, he's been talking a lot more lately.  His vocabulary is growing all the time, now he just needs to put them into sentences so I don't have to play the guessing game.

Jack is a total mommy's boy.  He always wants me over daddy, unless it's bath time or time to get his shoes on for school, then he runs to daddy and hides from me.  (it's their new game that I don't really enjoy, but they are pretty cute when they play it.) Sometimes his mommy obsession can get a little much, especially while I'm trying to get ready for work or make dinner, but to be honest, I don't mind it at all.  I love how he takes my hand and drags me around the house.  It's precious and I know that this stage won't last forever, so I just enjoy our time together.  

It's so hard to get a picture with this little guy.  That's why our balloon is backwards. 
I remember holding Jack in my arms as a newborn and wondering what he would be like when he got older.  I wondered what kind of personality he would have and what his voice would sound like.  It's just so fun getting to know your child as they grow.  I love learning about Jack each day.  I love watching him grow.  It's such a blessing to be his mom.  

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