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I feel like ever since I moved to Las Vegas 3 years ago, my closet has been overtaken by thrifted clothes.  I've always loved to thrift shop, but now I have such a great selection of thrift stores in my area.  It's so hard to go back to shopping at normal stores after you have just finished a shopping spree at a thrift store. 

On my most recent thrifting trip, I went to my local Goodwill store.  I'm a VIP member there and they always have great sales every day.  On Sunday's they do a fill-a-bag sale, where they give you a bag and they pick a color tag that you can fill as much into your bag of that colored tag that will fit for $12.99.  I've never actually done a fill-a-bag sale, but on this particular day I ended up finding some really cute things.  I came home with 2 blouses, 3 dresses, 3 striped tops and a pair of jeans.  I probably would have stuffed more in my bag, but it was getting close to nap time and Jack was getting pretty restless.  Everything I bought rang up to $50 which is a pretty good deal for 8 different clothing items, but I only paid $12.99 which is even better.  It's so addicting when you get sales like this. I should also mention that you don't pay tax at the Goodwill, which also helps keep your sale price even lower!

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Here is one of the outfits that I bought.  The top is Tart brand, which you can find that brand a lot at Nordstrom Rack.  I believe the jeans are from H&M, but the tag was cut out.  The jeans were super comfortable, but a little worn out, so I decided that I would distress them myself, the same way I have done it to my other jeans. (Read about how to distress your own jeans HERE.)  I accessorized my look with some of my fun designer jewelry from my Rocksbox. (Be sure to try out a free month of Rocksbox. Click HERE and use my code thriftywifehappylifexoxo)

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Are you a thrifter?  If not, I highly suggest checking out a few thrift stores in your area.  Find out what the sales are and I promise, you will have a hard time going back to the mall.

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