Starting a Fresh New Year

in , , , , by Katie Margaret, January 03, 2018
Thrifty Wife, Happy Life- Starting a fresh year with PinkBlush
Thrifty Wife, Happy Life- Starting a fresh year with PinkBlush
*This post is part of a collaboration with PinkBlush. All opinions are 100% my own. 
I love starting a new year.  It's so fun to make new goals and have a fresh slate.  I feel motivated and excited about all the possibilities for the year ahead.  

This Christmas break was just what I needed.  A long break off from work at home.  Ever since I moved to Las Vegas, I have spent almost every one of my long breaks off work traveling to see family.  This year we decided that we didn't want to deal with the stress of traveling.  I'm so glad that we stayed home because it was the perfect way to refuel myself.  

To be honest, by the end of the break, I was ready to head back to work.  I'm often overwhelmed and stressed by all my responsibilities, but to be honest, I like it.  I like staying busy and always having some kind of project to work on.  I'm very comforted by my daily routine.  By staying home, it made me appreciate my job and my weekly routine.

I also realized that it's not that easy staying home with a toddler all day.  It always makes me sad that I didn't get to be home with Jack those first 12 months because I feel like things would have been different.  But now that he's older, it takes a lot to keep him entertained.  He definitely keeps me on my toes.  And don't even get me started on trying to get him down for a nap.  I had to put him in the car every day and drive him around the block.  It makes me happy to know that when I'm not with him during the week, he's socializing and learning while he's at school.  That is his weekly routine and it's comforting for him.  With Jack being our first, it really is important to me that he has that time around other children. He's so attached to me, so it makes me happy to know that he loves seeing all his teachers at his school too. 
Thrifty Wife, Happy Life- Starting a fresh year with PinkBlush
I'm not going to lie, I did enjoy lounging around the house in my pajamas all morning.  I wore these PinkBlush pajamas (here) at every chance I had.  Nothing against your traditional Christmas pajamas, but these pajama pants are perfect to wear year-round.  I love having something to get ready for every morning, but sometimes it's just nice to stay in my cozy jammies, drink an extra cup of coffee and watch some morning TV. 
Thrifty Wife, Happy Life- PinkBlush pajama pants
Now that I'm nice and refreshed, I'm hoping to start off my year on a clean slate.  I went back to work this week, but luckily we don't have kids until next week.  I'm going to take this time to clean my classroom and prepare it for the rest of the school year.  I have high hopes for 2018!

I hope all of you can start off your 2018 feeling refreshed and ready to tackle all your goals for the new year!

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  1. Happy New Year!! Love these PJs! It does feel good to get back into a routine after the holidays! Wishing you all the best this year!


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