Working Out as a Busy Mom

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Thrifty Wife, Happy Life- Working out as a busy mom
One thing that I have been really bad at since becoming a mom is making time to workout.
  I have a love/hate relationship with working out.  I love staying active and I love the feeling I get after a good workout, but I hate getting motivated.  My biggest roadblock to working out is time.  I work full time and when I get home at night, working out is the last thing on my mind.  By the time I make dinner and get Jack in the tub, I'm ready for bed myself.  On the weekends, I like to go for morning walks with Jack, but it's really hard to walk in the summer when it's 100 degrees by 8:00 am.

This fall, with the weather changing, it's making me feel like it's time to make a change.  I am really trying to make an effort to fit in some kind of quick workout as much as I can, that's why I was so excited when Aaptiv asked me to do a free 2 week trial of their workout programs.  I thought that this would be the perfect way to get me started on a good path of getting active and strengthening my body again. 

Aaptiv is an app that has any kind of workout program you can think of.  It is an audio workout with a personal trainer who will help guide and motivate you through your workout.  The app has classes ranging from Outdoor running, elliptical, strength training to even yoga and meditation.

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The thing that I really love about Aaptiv is that they now have launched a new maternity program that is perfect for expecting moms who are looking to stay fit and healthy throughout their pregnancy.  The new program has recruited top-tier talent to lead the design and development of the maternity program, including Kira Kohrherr of FitBump, yoga guru and author, Kristin McGee, and expert Aaptiv trainers who are trained and certified in pre and postnatal exercise.  I wish I would of had this when I was pregnant with Jack, but I'll have to save it for the second time around.  They also have some great stroller workouts that I really enjoyed doing on my morning walks. 

The thing that I really like about Aaptiv, is that you can workout anywhere and you don't have to commit yourself to a long stretch of time.  For me, the weekends are the best time for me to get a nice long workout in.  That's when I go for my walks and do the stroller workouts, but during the week, I'm crunched for time.  I found that it was easy to pick out a quick 8-minute workout right after Jack's bath time while he was playing.  I liked how all the workouts that I tried were all quick and effective.  I could feel a nice burn after only an 8-10 minute routine.

Whether you are an expecting mom looking to stay fit through your pregnancy, a working mom with no time for a workout schedule or maybe you are just someone trying to get a healthy routine started, I would highly recommend looking into what Aaptiv has to offer.  You can download the app at the App Store or Google Play and start making changes today!

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  1. This sounds like a great app! I love how flexible it sounds too. It seems like I never have the same amounts of time to commit and I'm not always in the mood to do the same old thing. I'll have to check it out!

  2. This sounds like a really awesome app! I appreciate the variety of workouts with longer and shorter options as well as a maternity option! Thank you for sharing this!

  3. That app sounds great, I love that they have workouts for pregnancy too!

  4. That's awesome, it's so important to keep up your motivation/energy as a mama. I love things that make it easy to fit in short workouts!

  5. I love how the app makes it easy to be flexible with when you work out and for how long.

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  7. The app is lovable. You can measure your performance to check either this is good or not. You are working well or not. So in case of issue you can improve your performance. Check out Body Fat Calculator.


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