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When I became a mom, my whole life changed, including my wardrobe.  I went from having lots of free time to think about outfits and go shopping, to now, where I feel like I'm always in a rush.  I'm rushing to get to work, rushing to get home, rushing to make dinner and rushing to put together an outfit.  My life revolves around taking care of my little Jack, but I refuse to lose my sense of style.  Putting together a cute outfit always affects my moods and gives me more confidence.  I just feel better about myself when I feel put together, and I think that's important as a mom.  That's why these days I've had to adjust the way I dress and simplify my wardrobe to fit my lifestyle. 

Nowadays, I mostly dress very casual, more casual than I ever did in the past.  I have 10 essential pieces in my wardrobe that help makes styling an outfit extremely simple for me.  

1.) Stripe Dress- I love stripes and dresses are so easy to wear, especially in the warmer weather.  You can dress them up and down.  I like a stripe pattern because it's a pattern I feel comfortable in and it's easy to accessorize. 

2.) Long Cardigan- I love long cardigans.  They go perfectly with jeans, leggings or dresses.  My favorite cardigan right now is from H&M.  I love how lightweight it is and how I can wear it with almost anything in my closet.

3.) Long T-shirt- I'm really loving t-shirts right now, especially long ones.  T-shirts are a great staple to have in your wardrobe, especially when they fit nicely. 

4.) Denim Jacket- I love my denim jacket.  It's perfect for layering over dresses or long tops.  I like that I always feel comfortable in it and it goes with everything. 

5.) Leggings- Leggings are the best kind of pants for busy moms.  They are comfy and when worn correctly, they can be quite stylish. 

6.) Distress Denim Jeans-  I love a good comfortable pair of distress jeans.  They are trendy and casual.  You can never go wrong with a good comfortable pair of jeans.

7.) Large Tote-  I kind of said goodbye for now to all my small clutches and crossbody purses, because large tote purses are the best choice for me.  I avoid my diaper bag, so I always need a purse large enough for all my little guy's snacks, diapers, and toys.  A cognac color is my favorite for a purse because it can be worn with just about everything in your wardrobe.

8.) Ankle Booties- Heels is hard to do these days because I'm constantly holding my 20 lb little guy.  A cute pair of booties with a low heel are the perfect way to get away with wearing a heal and dressing up a look without overdoing it. 

9.) Sneakers- A cute pair of casual sneakers are the perfect way to complete your mom look.  You can wear them with anything.  I love my Converse Chucks Taylor sneakers. I've worn them all the time because they are comfortable and perfect for both work and home. They are the perfect shoe to fit my busy mom life.

10.) Nude Ballet Flats- Flats are always my go-to shoes.  They are easy to slip on and they look good with everything.  I'm due to replace my nude ballet flats from Target this spring.  I'm thinking these scalloped flats would be the perfect replacements. 

Here are some of the ways that I utilize my mom essentials in my wardrobe.

(I do try to link my clothes as much as I can, but because many of the clothes in my closet are clearance finds, thrifted pieces or older clothes, I can't always find the exact link.  However, I try to link some similar affordable options for you.  You can check out my look below.)

Shop my closet
Dress- Nordstrom Rack (similar similar similar)
 Denim Jacket- Mejier (similar similar)
 Purse- Savers ( similar similar)
Pendant Necklace- Nordstrom Rack (similar similar)
 Green Statement necklace- Charming Charlies (similar)
 Coral Necklace- Charming Charlies (similar)
 Layered necklace- Nordstrom Rack (similar)
 T-shirts-Target (similar similar)
 Jeans- Nordstrom Rack (similar similar)
 All other shoes are linked above!

I hope that you feel inspired to step up your mom wardrobe!  Do you have any go to pieces in your wardrobe?

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  1. I have some of these things like a striped shirt and a long cardi. I like how you mixed and matched!

    1. Thanks! Stripes and long cardi's are always my go to!

  2. SO much love for posts like these!!! I love pieces that are functional and versatile!

  3. Ah, I am right on board with most of these items! I recently took my wardrobe down to only 33 pieces (yikes!) and I've had to do a lot more mixing and matching, but I love it. The long cardigan is one I wear almost every day.

    1. 33 pieces! That's pretty impressive! I'm sure that you can still do a lot when you get to mix and match!

  4. I so need a striped shirt and a blue jean jacket! One of these days maybe I'll buy one...

    1. Stripe tops and jean jackets are good staples to have. You can re-wear them all the time.

  5. Jacket, cardigan, booties, flats.... yes, yes, yes, yes! I so agree with all your essentials! I don't on a striped dress, but I think that's great too!


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