It's hard to believe that I'm getting ready to celebrate my little guys the first birthday!  This year has just flown by!  I feel like it was just yesterday that I was pregnant and anxiously awaiting his arrival.  I have to admit that it's nice to have my body back and not be pregnant anymore, but there are times when I really miss having that baby bump.  I had a lot of fun playing around with my wardrobe while I was pregnant, that's why I decided to look back on a few of my maternity looks from last winter.

I recently was feeling stumped on putting together my outfits.  I was running out of ideas on how to wear my clothes.  I decided to take a look back on some of my maternity outfit posts from last year to draw some inspiration for what to wear now.  I ended up trying a few of my maternity looks on, this time without the bump, and I liked what I found.  One thing that I knew I did not want to have happened when I was done being pregnant was to have a big box of maternity clothes that I would only wear maybe one more time before getting rid of them.  So I did my best to wear what I already had in my closet by wearing non-maternity clothes.  I think I did a pretty good job of it, because I only ended up with 2 actual maternity items, the rest of my clothes I can still wear.

Here are 4 of my casual looks from last winter.  I know I'll be repeating these looks this winter without the bump.
I've had this LC Lauren Conrad blouse (exact) in my closet for a while now.  It's still one of my favorite tops and it was perfect to wear throughout my pregnancy.  Here is how I wore it when I was 7 months pregnant and how I wear it now.

This striped long jersey tank top from H&M (exact) was one of my favorite tops to wear when I was pregnant.  I couldn't have had a better maternity top. 

I bought this grey tunic last winter at Nordstrom Rack.  It was so perfect to wear during my last month of being pregnant.  It also was my favorite top to wear after I gave birth.  I wore it a lot while I was on maternity leave when many of my tops were too tight to wear. 

I bought this mustard colored t-shirt at Target (exact) when I was 8 months pregnant.  I wore it with my favorite navy blazer from Target (similar).  These jeans are actually one of my skinniest pairs, but I wore them right up to the end of my pregnancy.  I won't lie, they weren't super comfortable at this point, but they looked better than my maternity jeans, so I just wore them unzipped with a belly band. 

Was anyone else able to style non-maternity clothes when they were pregnant?  I'd love to hear if you have any tips or tricks to making it work. 

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  1. I love this! Just found you from Pinterest and need help this pregnancy. I have no style lol and don't want to go maternity clothes crazy. I'll keep looking back on previous blogs!

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad that you found me! I hope you can get some good ideas on what to wear during your pregnancy.


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