I am looking forward to traveling to Michigan over the holidays to celebrate Jack's first Christmas with all our family!  However, whenever the thought of traveling with a baby comes up, I tend to get very anxious.  There is just so much to think about and so much to pack!  I've been making lists in my head of all the baby essential I will need for the airplane, so I thought I would share some of the items that I will be bringing with me.  

The last time I flew with Jack was in July and he was only 4 months.  It was a little easier because we took a red-eye flight and Jack slept the entire way there.  This time, we have an early morning flight and Jack is an active 10-month-old.  I'm no professional jet setting parent, but each time I travel, I learn a little more about how to make it easier on myself.  So here are some of the baby essentials I have come up with for air travel.

1.) Large tote purse- I always bring a big purse on the airplane.  On most airlines, you are allowed to bring one personal item and one carry on bag, that's why I always like to make sure that I have lots of space to pack in my personal item.  Plus, I have been using my purse as my diaper bag, so the more space the better! 
2.) Ergo Carrier- Last time I traveled with Jack, this was so handy.  I liked being able to wear him and have my hands free.  He also seemed more content being close to me in his carrier. 
3.) Stroller and Car Seat- Last time I traveled, I checked my stroller and car seat at the gate.  I kept Jack in his car seat connected to the stroller until we got to security.  Once we passed the security, I wore Jack and I used my travel system to put all my bags in.  This made it easier to maneuver my way through the airport. 
4.) Large tote bag- When we flew in July, I used my diaper bag as my carry on, but I ran out of space.  This time I am using a large tote bag as my carry on to be sure I have an extra room, especially if we need to bring home some Christmas presents. 

5.) Travel Size Wipes- Wipes are a must and the more the better.  I use wipes for everything with Jack.  My friend had sent me a care package from The Honest Company right after Jack was born, so I have lots of travel size wipes.  An awesome thing about the Honest company is that you can send away for a free trial kit with only having to pay for the shipping.  They will send you a bunch of samples, so you can load up on some travel size wipes and other fun travel size products for the next time you fly.
6.) Changing Mat- I hate using public restrooms for changing diapers, but it's going to happen when you're traveling with a baby, so it's best to be prepared.  I use the changing mat that came with my diaper bag, but I would love a travel size mat like the one above to fit into my purse. 
7.) Diapers- That's kind of a given.  Just make sure that you bring enough for the trip, you never know when your little one is going to have a surprise for you! 
8.) Travel size diaper cream and lotion- I use the California baby travel size diaper cream and lotion because I got them in a gift set at my shower.  It's always good to have travel-size toiletries for your baby. 

9.) Light Weight Jacket- I like to dress in layers when traveling, so I dress my baby in layers too.  You never know if it will be cold or warm on the plane.  It's just best to have a little jacket. 
10.) Comfortable 2 piece outfits with Extras!!!- It's best to dress your baby in comfortable easy to change outfits while traveling.  I'd also be sure to pack extra clothes, at least 2 extra outfits in your carry on.  You never know what could happen. 
11.) Books- I'm going to try bringing books for Jack's entertainment.  I figure that they are a quiet toy and he enjoys them.  I'm nervous about keeping him entertained during the flight, so any kind of toy will do. 
12.) Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets- We love these blankets!  They were one of my favorite shower gifts and they are perfect for traveling.  They are so lightweight and easy to pack.  They're perfect for the plane!
13.) Pacifiers- My little guy is loving his pacifier right now, especially while he's teething.  I've always heard that it's a good idea to have a pacifier on hand while flying because of the pressure changes in a baby's ears.  Jack's favorite brand is Mam Pacifier, everything else he just chews on.  I like the glow in the dark pacifiers because they are easy to find in my large purse.

14.) Ready to Feed Formula- You are allowed to bring formula or breast milk through security, so this time I fly, I'm going to buy the ready to feed formula.  Last time we flew, I was breastfeeding still, so I wasn't as concerned about running out of bottles.  This time, I need to make sure that I have enough formula and I'd rather not have to worry about mixing a bottle on the plane.
15.)Burp Clothes- My poor baby is a spit up machine.  He has been ever since he was born, that's why lots of burp cloths are always a must for me.
16.) Baby food Pouch- Baby food in a pouch is perfect for traveling.  There is little cleanup and they can give your baby a quick healthy meal on the go.  
17.) Sippy Cup- I'll be bringing a sippy cup of water to help make sure Jack stays hydrated and also give him some entertainment.  I've always liked the Playlex sippy cups, and Jack does too!
18.) Snack bowl-  Snacks are a must for the plane.  If he gets fussy, I'm hoping that the snacks will keep him quiet.  

If that seems like a lot of stuff....it is!  I didn't even mention any of the things that I will be bringing on the plane.  Let me know if there is anything I need to add.  I'm sure I'll forget something.  Good luck to anyone traveling this holiday season with their little ones!  It will all be worth it once you get to your destinations! 

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