How to Wear Leggings || 9 Outfit Ideas with Leggings
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I first shared this post way back in December of 2016.  I noticed recently that it was getting a lot of views, so I wanted to give it a little update.  I've always loved this posts because it's all about my favorite wardrobe item... leggings!  But I wasn't loving the pictures any more so I added some more recent outfits and updated all the links.  I hope you enjoy! 

 I love wearing leggings!  As a mom, they are the perfect clothing item to wear while chasing around my little ones.  But leggings are not just for moms, anyone can wear them.  You can dress them up or dress them down.  To me, leggings are real pants.  However, if worn incorrectly, leggings can be the most unflattering piece of clothing.  You have to make wise choices when styling your leggings into your everyday wardrobe. 

When picking out a pair of leggings, you want to make sure that you have a nice thick material that will hold up well.  There is nothing worse than seeing someone's underwear when they bend down while wearing a thin pair of leggings.  Currently, my favorite store to buy leggings from is Aerie.  I like them because they have a really nice fit and suck in all your imperfection and they are a great quality.  I have 2 pairs of their ONLINE OG High Waisted Leggings and I also have a pair of their OFFLINE The Hugger Waisted Crackle Leggings. The OG leggings are $19.95, but they are almost always on sale for under $15.  The Crackle leggings are a little more, but they are also easy to find a good sale on. 

Once you have a nice pair of leggings, you have to figure out what to wear them with.  My rule for wearing leggings is to always wear them with a top that is long enough to cover your bottom.  No matter what I wear on top with them, I always wear a longer top.  

Here are 4 different ways that I wear my black leggings.

With a cardigan

 The most frequent way that I wear leggings is with a long cardigan.  Long cardigans are perfect to wear with leggings because they cover your bottom and are loose around your midsection.  I love how cozy a long cardigan and leggings can be during the cooler months, especially when you pair them with some boots. 
Long cardigan with leggings
1.) Top || Leggings || Cardigan || Shoes
 2.) Top || Leggings || Cardigan || Shoes
 3.) Top || Leggings || Cardigan || Boots

With a cozy oversized sweater

I always like to wear leggings with a long or oversized sweater.  I love how comfortable and cozy they are in the winter.  These are just some examples of how I've worn my oversized sweaters with my leggings. 
Oversized sweaters with leggings
 2.) Sweater || Tunic ||  Leggings || Boots
 3.) Sweater || Leggings || Boots

With a denim jacket

I also like to wear my denim jacket with my leggings.  I always feel like a denim jacket completes my legging looks.  It takes them from loungewear to feeling put together and ready to leave the house. 
 2.) Sweatshirt || Leggings || Jacket || Shoes || Hat || Purse
 3.) Sweatshirt || Leggings || Jacket || Shoes || Hat

Those are my legging looks.  How do you style your leggings?

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