Baby Update- 9 Months!

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In my belly for 38 weeks, now in my arms for 38 weeks.  He is just as active on the outside as he was on the inside

It's hard to believe that I already have a 9-month-old.  For the longest time, I was just thinking about him turning 6 months and how big of a milestone that would be, and now he's already 9 months. 12 months is right around the corner.  Where did the time go?

The words to describe Jack these days are cute, loving, smart, crazy, busy, funny, cuddly, exhausting, wild, playful, determined.... those are just to name a few.  At about 6 months Jack started crawling, 7 months he started to pull himself up and by 8 months he was everywhere.  Our house is a complete mess on most days.  I find baby toys everywhere, but I love it.  We have baby proofed the living room as best we can, yet he still finds ways to get into the places he shouldn't. 

I just recently started feeding Jack finger food and he seems to do really well with it.  Since he's still so young, I still feed him his baby food, but I give him bits and pieces of our dinner.  He just got his first tooth the week of Halloween and a week later he had another one pop through.  I feel like he's been teething forever, so it's exciting to see his little teeth finally coming through.

Some of the cutest things about this age are how playful Jack is these days.  He loves it when we chase him.  He says "Uh Oh" now and "dadada".  He also likes to wave and shake his head.  I'm trying to work on some sign language with him, but I think that will come with time.  His favorite song is the opening song to the show Dexter.  It's funny because Kevin and I have been watching the show on Netflix now for a few months and every time we start a new episode, Jack hears the song and starts dancing and laughing.  It's too cute, I just hope he doesn't realize what the show is all about.

I'm still struggling to get him to sleep through the night.  That has been the most exhausting part of parenting for me.  I really don't know what to do at this point.  I just hope and pray that one day he will stay asleep every night and I will finally get some sleep.

With each month it brings new joys and new challenges, but one thing is for sure, this little guy is very loved!  

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