I'm so excited that it's the weekend!  It's been a long week for me, but I'm excited because I was able to document a couple outfits that I wore to work.
I'm a preschool teacher, so I often find it hard to put together a cute workweek wardrobe.  I feel like I end up repeating a lot of outfits because it's easy, but I've decided that this school year I would really like to step up my work wardrobe.  I spend 5 days a week at work, so I need to come up with some new looks that I feel confident in and will help motivate me into the new school year! 

Even though I work at a year-round preschool program, I am done with kids until our new school year starts.  This means that I have a couple weeks of classroom prep and training.  To me, this means that I get to explore my closet and wear whatever I want without worrying about getting paint or bleach or flour on it.

Here are my looks from Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday I wore my new navy top from Target (original post here).   I am really loving this top!  It's a great summer top and I love the embroidery detail on the bottom.  I knew that I had to layer up because anyone who has ever been in a casino during the summertime in Las Vegas knows that it might be 110 degrees outside, but inside it feels like the arctic.

Top- Target
Cardigan- Target
Jeans- Meijer
Purse- Savers

On Friday I attempted to add some color to my look.  I feel like I'm so comfortable in dark and neutral colors, that sometimes I forget how much I love colorful patterns.  That's why I wore this maxi dress with my denim jacket.  I also added my turquoise necklace to the colorful look.
Dress- Target
Denim Jacket- Meijer
Necklace- Kohl's

I always think it's a good idea to take a second look inside your closet to see what you can find.  I'm looking forward to doing that this new school year and sharing more looks from my closet.  I can't wait to share more!

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