It's been a long fun, but also an exhausting week for me.  I just came back from a visit to Michigan to see our family and introduce Jack to everyone.  Jack did great with traveling and meeting all the new faces.  Now that we are home, I'm trying to prepare to go back to work on Monday and get Jack back on the west coast time. (I don't enjoy a 3am playtime.) 

I've been so behind on coming up with outfit posts, but I have been trying to post some looks on my Instagram.  I do have some new posts that I promise I will get around to posting soon, including some more maternity posts and mom tips.  I'm excited to share it soon!  In the meantime, here are some pictures of my week!
4th of July look.
Shorts- Old Navy/ Shirt- Target/ Jacket- Meijer/ Shoes- Target/ Purse- Savers

Shirt- Old Navy/ Shorts-Good Will/ Shoes- Target/ Purse- Savers/ Shoes- Target

Dress- Savers/ Jacket- Meijer/ Belt- Target/ Purse- Savers/ Shoes- Target

I just loved being with my little guy everyday.

Jack went to his first parade and loved it.

I learned that the things I miss most about Michigan are green trees and sunsets over the water.  I love living out west, it has a beauty of its own, but I will always love being in Michigan during the summertime.

I know it's going to be hard to get back to normal life tomorrow, but today I'll just enjoy my time with my baby boy!  Have a great week everyone!

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