I love the 4th of July!  It's always been a special holiday for my family and me.  Not only is it our country's birthday, but it's also my dad's birthday.  I have a lot of happy memories spending this day with my family while growing up.  Ever since I was a little girl, I always had to make sure that I wore my red, white and blue on Independence Day.  Now that I'm an adult,  not much has changed.  I still look for those colors in my closet to make sure I'm festive for whatever I have planned on that day. 

Some easy ways to put together a great 4th of July outfit is to look for basic pieces like shorts, tank tops, and skirts, then accessorize them with some holiday flair.  For me, I like to accessorize with my red beads and add some denim in for my blue.

Whether you plan to spend your day at the beach, a picnic, barbecue, parade, fireworks or even if you have to be at the office...here are some easy ways to incorporate red, white and blue into your look.

I like this casual maxi skirt look.  It's perfect for a hot summer day, plus it's super comfortable!

I love this white Ann Taylor dress.  I actually wear it as a bathing suit cover up most of the time, but when you pair it with some wedge shoes, red beads, and a denim jacket; it can really dress it up nicely. 

This casual look is perfect for a day time BBQ, then you can add the denim jacket to it for evening fireworks.  I love the navy and white stripes in this tank top. 

This is another great evening to look for fireworks.  Having a red sweater in your closet can definitely come in handy, especially for holidays. 

This look is a great work outfit for the day before the long weekend.  We all know that a workday can drag on, especially the day before a holiday weekend.  Dressing up a little bit festive can make your day more fun! 

Those are my 4th of July looks.  Follow me on Instagram @thriftywifehappylife to find out what I end up wearing this year on the 4th.  I hope everyone has a safe a fun holiday!

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