The forecast for Las Vegas this coming up week is going to be hot.  The highs are between 111 and 117 degrees.  It's hot!  As I mentioned last weekend, I'm kind of at a loss for getting creative with my outfits in the heat.  That's why this weekend I just decided to play it safe and get some use out of my sundresses.  When it's hot out, I feel like a simple sundress is the most comfortable thing that you can wear.  I don't even like to wear a lot of jewelry or accessorize that much in this kind of heat. 

Here's what I came up with...

I spent the first half of my day in my bathing suit at the pool.  It was nice because Jack took a nap in his shaded stroller while Kevin and I enjoyed a swim. 

Top- Target (exact)
Bottoms- Old Navy (exact)
Sunglasses- Smith's (I buy my sunglasses at the grocery store because they're only $5)

When we came home I changed into this little black dress that I recently found at Savers.  I remember when I was younger, people always told me that you couldn't mix black and brown.  I've talked to a lot of my friends my age and they still feel like you can't mix these two colors, but I say that nowadays anything goes.  That's why I wore my black dress with some brown accessories just to switch it up a bit. 
Dress- Target (bought at Savers) (similar)
Sandals- Target (exact)
Belt- Target
Purse- Savers

I decided to wear this purple smocked dress that I've had for a while now.  It's perfect for the heat and in a closet full of black and white, it's nice to wear some color.  I'll have to wear this dress again sometime soon! 

Dress- Forever 21 (bought at the Salvation Army)
Sandals- Target
Purse- Savers

Have a wonderful week!

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