What to Wear While Breastfeeding

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Lately, it seems like all I can think about is breastfeeding.  It's probably because it consumes a large part of my day.  I'm sure many new moms would feel the same way. 

Before I had Jack it wasn't even a question if I would breastfeed or not.  I always knew I wanted to breastfeed my baby.  Why wouldn't I?  It's best for baby and mom.  Not to mention it's free and formula is not.  I didn't understand why everyone wouldn't breastfeed their baby.  Well, now after having a baby, I completely understand why some women choose not to breastfeed.  It's a lot of work!  I've had a love-hate relationship with breastfeeding since day one.  I was so happy that Jack nursed right away.  Our first time together he latched right on with no problem.  What I didn't realize was that he was tongue-tied and developed a shallow latch which caused me a lot of pain.  I also had some difficulty when we came home from the hospital because I was in a lot of pain from the c-section.  It got so bad that I ended up having to take a break from nursing and just pump bottles while I healed.  I did that for a week or so and luckily Jack had no problems taking a bottle.  I broke all the rules and gave him a bottle when he was 3 days old.  I debated exclusively pumping but decided that seemed harder than nursing.  After I healed I slowly started to nurse him again.  With time we both got better with it.  I've wanted to quit so many times and just go to formula, but every time I think that I end up deciding that I still want to nurse him.  As of right now, I've decided that I'll breastfeed until I'm ready to be done.  That could be in 2 weeks, a month or 6 months.  I just take it day by day. 

Breastfeeding has definitely come with a lot of challenges, but there is one dilemma that I'm faced with every day. That is the question of....what to wear?  It's important to wear practical clothes for easy access to your breast when you're nursing and pumping.  I don't believe in buying clothes that you can't wear for the long term, so I'm not buying any special nursing clothes, besides my nursing bras, which I'm sure I'll still wear them even after I'm done breastfeeding. 

Here are some outfits that I've come up with to help you style yourself for those nursing and pumping months after your baby is born. 

This navy blue button-down dress from Old Navy is great if you work in an office and plan to pump at work.  Dresses are usually not practical for breastfeeding, but this style is perfect for it.  The buttons are great for easy access. 

This wrap dress that I found at Savers is a great style of dress for breastfeeding.  It's low cut, so it's easy to feed your baby or pump. 

Right now I prefer to dress in a two-piece, because it's easy to lift your shirt to the nurse or pump.  When you wear a loose top with a blazer, no one would ever suspect that you're a breastfeeding mom.  This is a great look for an evening out or a casual work environment. 

Just like the button down dress, a button down shirt is always nice for nursing as well.  Easy to unbutton and feed. 

This here is a look I've been wearing a lot right now.  It's comfortable and cute.  It's loose fitting which is nice for your post baby body.  Plus it's also nice for nursing, because it's in two pieces. 

I'm not that comfortable nursing in public, so I normally bottle feed if we're out and about for convenience, but if I do nurse around other people I like to be covered up.  That's why it's kind of a nice option to use your outfit as a cover.  I have seen special scarves that are made to be a nursing cover, but I've found that any infinity scarf will do just fine.  Here's an example of how you could use your own scarf as a cover up. 

Another clothing item you could use to cover up with is a waterfall sweater.  As long as it's big enough, you can drape it over your baby.  It's nice not to worry about packing a nursing apron or big blanket in your diaper bag everywhere you go. 

Those are just a few examples of some practical breastfeeding outfits.  I'm curious to know if anyone else had or has a favorite breastfeeding outfit that you wore? 

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