Second Trimester Outfit Review

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This weekend was very exciting for me because I have been pregnant for 28 weeks, which means that I have officially entered my 3rd trimester of pregnancy!  I can't believe that I'm this far along.  I feel like February is so close, yet so far away.  

Since I've tried to post my outfits each week throughout my pregnancy, I thought that now would be the perfect time to post some of my favorite outfits from my second trimester.  I had a lot of fun dressing my baby bump during this trimester.  My baby has done so much growing in the past 3 months.  One thing that I really liked about my second trimester was that I was able to get used out of all my normal clothes.  I didn't have to buy any actual "maternity" clothes this trimester, which is great when you're trying to dress and shop on a budget during your pregnancy.  The only maternity items that I did make a point of buying were a belly band (exact here) and a couple of maternity/nursing bras (exact here), both from Target.  I learned quickly that your normal bras do not work with a growing body.  I also felt that the belly band was an important purchase because it has allowed me to wear my normal jeans for a long time. 

Here are 8 of my favorite outfits that I wore this trimester. 

21 weeks
 22 weeks
 23 weeks
 23 weeks
 24 weeks
 24 weeks
 25 weeks
 27 weeks

Overall, I have to say that the second trimester was pretty enjoyable.  It was much better than the first trimester, even though I was still sick off and on during the 4th month, it was nothing compared to how I felt during the first few months.  Some major high lights of the second trimester was; my ultrasound at 18 weeks when we found out that we were having a boy, getting to feel my baby boy move around in my belly more and more each week, and watching my belly grow.
Now that I'm in my last stretch of pregnancy, I'm sure I'll have some more maternity outfits to share.  I'm getting to the point where I'll have to start investing in a few maternity items, so look to see what I come up with.

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