Last year, I wrote a post called Dressing for the Holidays on a Budget.  It was all about how to add some Christmas into your wardrobe, without having to spend money on a whole new outfit.  This year, I'm still following my own tips on dressing for the season, the only difference is this Christmas season, I'm 8 months pregnant.

I'm excited to be pregnant during this Christmas season.  Besides having to skip out on the holiday drinks I enjoy so much this time of the year, I'm very happy to be expecting our little man this Christmas.  There is just so much to celebrate and be thankful for!  Plus, I have this fun little baby bump to dress up!

While going through my closet, I've realized that there are a couple important things to keep in mind while planning out your maternity holiday outfits.  The first thing is to remember to be comfortable.  Between eating all the yummy holiday food and your growing baby smooshing your insides, comfort is my number one priority when picking out my outfits.  The second thing to remember is to stick to very basic clothes that you can easily accessorize with some of your favorite Christmas accessories.  My favorite way to accessorize during the holidays is with green, red or anything sparkly.

Here are some outfits that I've picked to wear this holiday season, using my favorite holiday accessories and comfortable maternity clothes.

This striped dress is one of my favorite dresses right now.  It's simple and comfortable.  I love that I can accessorize it however I want.  Here I wore it with my red cardigan and red bead necklace to give it that Christmas look.  I also wore black tights and black ankle boots to complete the look. 

For my next look, I wore this simple black cotton maternity dress from Target (similar here).  This is the only actual "maternity" dress that I have bought so far.  I figured if I was going to spend money on maternity clothes, it should be something simple that I could wear over and over again, and what's more simple than a plain black dress?  I added my green bubble necklace and my most comfortable pair of heels.  I wore this look to my husband's company Christmas party.

Here is the same black dress, I just tried it out with my shimmery gold scarf instead of the necklace.  I also wore my black tights and ankle boots to give it more of a wintry look.

Continuing on with my all-black outfits, Here is an example of sticking with very simple comfortable clothes and just accessorizing them.  Here I wore a black long tank top, leggings and a black blazer.  I accessorized it with an infinity scarf that has some red and green in it and my boots.

 I thought this look would be a great casual Christmas day look.  I wore my polka-dot blouse, jeans, a red cardigan, green statement necklace and brown boots. 

Those are just a few ideas that I have for this Christmas season.  If you're pregnant this year, hopefully these looks will help you figure out some ways to dress up your baby bump.  If you're not pregnant, this can still be a great guide to help you figure out what to wear this Holiday season!
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

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