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in , , by Katie Margaret, September 07, 2015
One of my favorite things about Labor Day weekend is all the sales!  On top of all the sales, my birthday just happens to fall around  Labor Day, so I always like to treat myself to a little shopping.  That's just what I did this weekend. 

I've been searching for a casual pair of shoes to replace my favorite everyday pair of Toms for a while now.  My Toms has been such a great pair of everyday shoes, unfortunately, they are so beaten up, I have to retire them.  Since I really didn't want to spend $50 on shoes right now,  I decided to go to DSW in search of some casual shoes.  I lucked out!  I found these slip-on Roxy shoes for 40% off $39.94.  I had a coupon for $10 off and then another $5 off birthday coupon.  My grand total for the shoes with tax came to $9.69.  I was so excited!  Even the girl who rang me up was impressed with my deal.

After my DSW trip, I had to stop at Old Navy.  They had everything on sale in the store, plus 30% off all clearance items.  I ended up finding these 2 tops below.

My favorite thing to do when I buy new clothes is to pair them with my old clothes and come up with new outfits.  This top below was my favorite purchase.  It was 50% off so it rang up $8.97.  I paired it with jeans and a black blazer.  It's a cute look for fall. 

I felt that this magenta shrug will come in handing during my pregnancy.  These always look cute on pregnant women.  This was a clearance item.  It was marked down to $10.99, but with the 30% off the total came to $7.69.  I tried out this shrug with some jeans and a striped tank top.  The shoes I'm wearing are shopping find worth mentioning.  I found these strappy black wedge sandals at Target a few weeks ago on clearance for $8.49.  I was able to get 20% off of that with my cartwheel app, making them only $6.79.

Of course, no holiday weekend would be complete for me without stopping at a thrift store.  I went to my favorite thrift store, Savers, and found some cute clothes.  Everything was 50% off.

I love this striped maxi dress.  If you haven't noticed, I love stripes.  So what's one more striped dress in my closet?  Buying a maxi dress used is a great idea for me because it actually fits and it's not dragging on the grown.  I always have to wash my maxi dresses about 10 times before they become an acceptable length for me.  I paired the dress with a leopard infinity scarf and black sweater to give it a cute fall look.  The dress was $4.

This t-shirt dress is super comfortable and casual.  It was $3.  I paired it with my new shoes and my jean jacket.

Continuing with my striped obsession, I found this long navy and white striped tank top for $2.  I thought that it would be too tight at first but there's plenty of stretching room in the tummy.  I paired this one with grey leggings, my new shoes, and a grey long cardigan.  I figured that this would make a great outfit for work.

My final stop for the weekend was Ulta Beauty.  How could I reset?  They only send me coupons every day.  I haven't bought make up all summer and I've been getting extremely low on some of my basics.  I had a $5 off $15 coupon, plus a free birthday gift, so I figured why not stock up on a few things?  They did have some buy one get one 50% off deals along with 50% off clearance items, but my coupon was what really helped bring down the price.  Here is what I bought:
 Maybelline eyeliner, Maybelline's The Nudes eye shadow palette, essence blush, essence lipstick, Ulta mineral powder foundation, and a free urban decay mascara sample. My total was $18.87.

The total of all my shopping purchases for the weekend ended up coming to $56.27.  That's really not bad if you consider everything I bought.  I love shopping. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than a successful shopping trip, knowing that I saved a lot of money.  Now I have to stop spending money for the rest of the month.  We'll see how I do with that. 

Happy Shopping!


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