I have to confess that I'm not always the healthiest person ever.  I don't work out nearly as much as I should, and I don't watch how many calories I consume, but I do always try to be conscious of making healthy choices as much as possible.  Sometimes it really is the little things that you do that can make a big impact.

I wanted to share a few very simple ways you can improve your lifestyle, and also save yourself some money while doing so. 

1.) Park in the back of the parking lot
When you park at the back of the parking lot, not only is your car protected a little more from getting dings from carts or other cars, but you're adding a few extra steps into your day without even realizing it.  It's something very simple, but you'd be surprised by how many people don't do this.  Stop driving around the parking lot looking for the closest spot and just start parking in the back.

2.) Split a meal when you go out to eat
The United States is guilty of eating large portions, especially when eating in restaurants.  As much as I don't always like to share my food, my husband and I will often split a sandwich when we go out to eat.  We save money and calories at the same time. 

3.) Cut out the pop
I used to drink diet pop all the time, but a few years ago I realized that we were going through pop at home so fast, that I decided to just stop buying it altogether.  I still like a diet Coke or Pepsi here and there, but I save it as a treat, instead of buying it every week at the grocery store.  I mostly drink water and I have to say that I feel much healthier now, than I ever did when I was drinking a lot of pop. 

4.) Take the stairs
Why not take the stairs?  Whenever my husband and I stay at a hotel, we always ask for a room on a higher floor, so we can get our quick exercise.  You never have to wait for the elevator and it's an easy way to get your heart rate up. 

5.) Order from the dollar menu
I have to confess that I eat at fast-food restaurants.  I'm guilty of this, but when I do I always order off the dollar menu.  Not only is it the cheapest way to eat, but you eat smaller portions.  Even though your eating unhealthy, you won't feel like you pigged out too much on junk.  One of my favorite dollar meals is the mini chicken quesadilla at Taco Bell on the dollar cravings menu. I substitute the shredded chicken for grilled chicken and the meal is only 180 calories.

So those are my short cuts.  You'd be amazed how making small changes to your daily life can really help you live a healthier lifestyle while also saving you some money here and there.  What small things do you do to stay healthy?

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