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in , by Katie Margaret, March 27, 2015
I realize that I just did a post last week about recreating your wardrobe and not spending money on new clothes, which I have been doing, but the other day, I just couldn't help myself.  I had to check out some of the discount stores in my area.  I've been dying to stop in Ross.  I've shopped at Ross before while I was on vacation in other states and I remember loving it!  I was so excited to see that they have lots of Ross stores in Nevada. 

I was not disappointed with my finds.  I found that Ross has just as good of a selection of clothes as TJMaxx and Marshalls, but from what I found, their prices are much better.  I ended up finding a new navy maxi skirt for $7.99 and a crossover purse for $9.99.
Most of the maxi skirts that I find when I'm out shopping around are close to $20, even at Target.  I was extremely excited to find such a great section of maxi skirts at Ross for under $10.

I've also been searching for a small crossover purse for a while, but purses are not cheap, especially the ones I like.  I was thrilled to find this little light pink purse with a chain strap!  They had a lot of cute purses between $10 and $30.  I will definitely be back! 

Here is the look I put together with my new finds. 

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