What I Wore- Living Out of a Suitcase

in , , , by Katie Margaret, February 01, 2015
I'm going on week three of living out of my suitcase.  It's not an ideal situation, but I'm doing my best with wearing what I packed.  I've never been great at packing.  I would call myself an over-packer.  I tend to want to bring my entire closet with me when I travel, but we all know that's not possible.  It wasn't an easy task packing a month's worth of clothes into 2 suitcases.  Both needing to meet the airline's weight policy for checked bags, which is 40 pounds apiece. Luckily, I just made the cut.

I've been trying to repeat my clothes as much as possible to keep my laundry load down.  I have a few favorite key pieces that I've been getting a lot of use out of.  Some are new, while others I've had in my closet for a while.

Here are a few of my favorites from this week...
  1. My Navy Blazer from Target (similar)- I found this blazer at Target online back in the fall.  It was $29.99, which is at the top of my price range, but it was something I had been wanting for a long time, plus I had a gift card.  Since it's been a bit chilly in Nevada, this blazer has been the perfect jacket to style up my casual outfits. 
  2. My Coral Necklace from Charming Charlie (similar)- I found this necklace a week ago at Charming Charlie on clearance for $7.99.  I just love a statement necklace! It can really dress up any outfit.  As you will see, I'm kind of obsessed with this necklace.
  3. My coral leather Coach purse (similar)- I'm in love with my new purse!  My aunt surprised me with a beautiful new coral Coach leather purse for Christmas this year.  She knows how I have a love for Coach purses, and she also knows I won't go buy one for myself, so she wanted to get me one.  It's the perfect size for traveling and the color goes great in the desert. 
  4. My beige top from Kohl's (Similar)- I found this top at Kohl's in the clearance section for $6.  It's lightweight and perfect for the weather right now in Las Vegas.  It's light enough to layer under a blazer or just wear it on its own. 
  5. My nude ballet flats (similar)- I found these on clearance at Target for $8.99.  I've been looking for a new pair of flats for a while and these were the perfect price. 

So here are a few of my looks from the week..
Beige top- Kohl's
Coral necklace- Charming Charlie
Jeans- LC Lauren Conrad
Flats- Target
Purse- Coach

(Please ignore the hideous carpet of the hotel room)
Beige top- Kohl's
Jeans- LC Lauren Conrad 
Navy Blazer- Target
Coral Necklace- Charming Charlie
Shoes- Toms
Purse- Coach

Black blazer- LC Lauren Conrad 
Jeans- Target
Tank top- Old Navy
Necklace- Charming Charlie

Navy Blazer- Target 
Jeans- LC Lauren Conrad
Shoes- Target
Grey T-shirt- Target 
Green Beaded Necklace- Target 

Necklace- Charming Charlie
Black Sweater- Target
Striped black and grey shirt- Target
Jeans- Jessica Simpson
Boots- Target

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