Life Update- A New Life in Las Vegas

in , by Katie Margaret, January 30, 2015
I feel like all I've been doing for the past couple of months is talking about moving and thinking about moving.  Well, now it's all actually happening.  Monday afternoon I left Michigan with my 70 pounds of luggage and headed out to Las Vegas to finally meet up with my husband and see where I will be living.

Somewhere over the southwest

Once I landed in Vegas, I was very disappointed to see that the January clouds of the Midwest had followed me.  I had been looking forward to seeing the sunshine when I arrived, instead, I had rain and clouds.   At least I know that this is not the norm for Las Vegas.

A cloudy Las Vegas

I have to admit that living out of a hotel is extremely weird for me.  Hotels are places I usually stay in when I'm on vacation, so it's very odd for me to be living this way.  At least I'm with a hotel expert.  My husband is a master at surviving in a hotel.  He amazed me last night with his skills of making plates out of a pizza box and then turning the rest of the box into a small storage container for the leftovers. (This is not a DIY project I'll be pinning on Pinterest anytime soon, but still, I have to hand it to him, he knows how to be creative.)  He's been teaching me all his tricks, but I'm still eager to have a home of our own and reunite with all our belongings.

Some pictures from our night out on the Las Vegas strip.

We've spent some time exploring the town. The one great thing about Las Vegas is that there is always something to do.  There are so many things to see!   We have had the opportunity to enjoy one of the perks of my husband's new job... free tickets to Vegas shows!  We got to see Rod Stewart at Caesars Palace this week.  It was a fun way to get out and be entertained for the night, and hey... you can't beat free!  Now I can only hope he can get free tickets to see Britney Spears ;)

It's definitely going to take some time before we are settled in here, but until then, I'll continue to enjoy my time and look forward to all the new experiences! 

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