Simple Sunday-Girly Day

in , by Katie Margaret, December 14, 2014
It's been a while since I've done a "Simple Sunday" post.  I decided that today is the perfect day for one.  As I sit here working on my blog posts, watching old Laguna Beach episodes and reading Lauren Conrad's book Style (I'm doing a little research for some upcoming blog posts), I realized that I'm having a very nice and relaxing Sunday afternoon.

My Sunday afternoon entertainment

This morning I took Kevin to the airport.  He's heading back to Las Vegas for the final stage of training at his new job.  Even though I miss him terribly when he's gone, I do look forward to a little alone time.

Yesterday, I stopped by the library to pick up a copy of Style by Lauren Conrad, a book I've been wanting to read for a while now.  Before I left the library, I decided to be nostalgic and check out a season of Laguna Beach, just to relive my early years of college.  While I was in the TV series section at the library, I couldn't pass up a season of Sex and the City.  I decided to go with season 6, my favorite!  With Kevin gone for the rest of the month, I know I'll have plenty of time to watch it.

Today, while I was home enjoying my free entertainment, I came across a quote from the movie Clueless.  So of course, now I'm watching Clueless.  It's turning into the perfect afternoon.  If Kevin was home, I'm sure Lion's game would be on, but it's just me, so it's girly shows and movies until bedtime.

I think most of my married friends would agree with me in saying that even though we love our husbands dearly, at times you still need to have your girly time alone.  Those days where you can just binge-watch movies like Mean Girls, Legally Blonde and  Dirty Dancing, all while doing your nails and drinking a glass of wine.

So girls, tell the husband or boyfriend to go out with the guys. Stay in and have a girl's day! Days like this are rare, so enjoy!

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