How to Travel in Style

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Back in the "Golden Ages of Flying", flying was a luxury.  People dressed up to fly.  Women wore their best dress, heels, and pearls, while men wore suits.  People treated flying as a treat and they dressed the part.

A suitcase adds from the 1950s.

Nowadays, with travel websites and low-cost airlines, flying has become more affordable for the average person.  People don't treat flying as a luxury anymore and this is clear in the way they dress.  

When I travel, it's on Kevin's work benefits, which means there is a dress code to follow.  Dress code or no dress code, I still feel that it's always important to look presentable and put together while traveling.  It's important to be stylish, while at the same time staying comfortable when traveling.

Here are a few clothing items you should consider when traveling...
  • Dark Skinny Jeans- Jeans can still be considered business casual if you wear them in the right way.  I've always felt that dark jeans look dressier than light jeans.  I always like to wear a pair of jeans with a stretch for them to keep me comfortable on the flight.
  • Blazer- A blazer is a perfect way to dress up your look when traveling. It's simple and stylish!
  • Scarf- I don't like to wear a lot of jewelry when traveling, so a scarf is a perfect accessory to dress up my travel outfits.  
  • Crossbody Purse- I love a crossbody purse when traveling.  It helps keep my hands free and I don't have to worry about anything slipping off my shoulder. 
  • Boots- Boots are the last thing that you will want to pack in your suitcase, especially if you only have a carry-on size.  This is why boots are perfect to wear on your travel days. 
  • Flats- I love my Audrey Brooke flats when traveling.  They are super comfortable, easy to take on and off, plus they're stylish! 
  • Maxi Skirts- Maxi Skirts are perfect when traveling in the summer or to a warm vacation destination. 
Here is my NO NO's for traveling...
  • Sweat Pants or Yoga Pants- Sorry ladies, I know that they are comfortable, but save them for the comfort of your own home.  The flight crew will judge you for wearing these, especially if they have wording on the butt. 
  • Tennis Shoes- Tennis Shoes are made for the gym.  Besides that, untying your shoes at security is only going to hold you and other passengers up. 
  • High Heels- Most airports are big and require a lot of walking.  You will not be able to make your connection if you have to run across the airport in heals.  Pack them in your suitcase instead.
  • T-Shirts and Sweat Shirts- This goes along with the sweat pants look, save it for the comfort of your own home, not the airport. T-Shirts and sweat shirts are just too casual for traveling.

So with that said, here are some travel looks I've put together...
Blazer/Dark Skinny Jeans/Leopard Scarf/Black Tank Top/Crossbody Purse
This look is one of my favorite travel looks.  It's stylish and smart, all while being comfortable.
Grey Blazer/Black Tank Top/Necklace/Dark Skinny Jeans/Flats
This is another great look for traveling.  I wore this outfit a few months ago when I went on one of Kevin's flights.  It's a great spring travel outfit.

Black Leggings/Black Tank Top/Black Long Sweater/Brown Boots/Turquoises Scarf
This look is perfect for a long flight or an early morning flight.  I wore this outfit on my way home from visiting my brother in Germany.  Sometimes you can get away with wearing leggings, as long as you can dress them up in the right way.
Maxi Skirt/Black Tank Top/Teal Sweater/Necklace
This is a great vacation travel look.  Maxi skirts are extremely comfortable and easy to travel in.

What will you wear on your next flight?

photo credit: 1950sUnlimited via photopin cc
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