Up in the Air ~Moving West

in , by Katie Margaret, October 13, 2014
Ever since Kevin and I got married, our lives have been "up in the air" about everything.  We never knew where Kevin's career would take us.  He's had job interviews overseas and has applied to just about every airline in the United States.  This is why I have never felt completely settled into our life here in Michigan, despite the fact that we are both from here.  I always knew that the day would one day come where we would have to make a big move for his job.

Well, now that day is right around the corner.  Recently Kevin started training at a new airline job.  We weren't sure where this new job would take us, but we knew we would be moving out of Michigan.  We recently learned that our new home will be in Las Vegas, NV!

When I think about Las Vegas, I think about casinos, hotels, shows, wedding chapels... the movie The Hangover.  Well, after doing a lot of research on the area, I am learning that is not the case.  Las Vegas actually has some very nice areas to live and raise a family.

There are definitely going to be some great advantages to living in Las Vegas.  One is that it's extremely affordable.  We have already looked at the coast of renting in the area we plan to move to, and we are pleased with the prices we have found.  Another advantage is the weather!  I am definitely looking forward to a warm, dry climate.  One more advantage of living in Las Vegas is the location.  We both have family on the west coast, so it will be nice to know they are only a short drive and an even shorter plane ride away.  We can also spend some time exploring the southwest. (A piece of the country I have not had the opportunity to spend much time in.)  Best of all, it's a tourist destination.  Our friends and family are sure to visit and there will be plenty to do!

This is the picture Kevin sent me on his drive to the Red Rocks. A little sneak peek of what we'll be living by.
Las Vegas may not be our final destination in Kevin's aviation career, but for now, it will be our future home.
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