Simple Sunday

in , , by Katie Margaret, October 26, 2014
The point of my "Simple Sunday" post is to recognize the little things in your life that make you happy. I believe that contentment is the key to living a fulfilling life.  I love sharing the little things in my life that make me happy.

Kevin is home this week for a short time before he heads back to training in November.  It's nice to have him home.  We were able to get back into our normal routine this weekend, which was nice.  Today we woke up bright and early to get to church at 8:00 am.  Why so early you ask?  Well, the Lions were playing in London today, and in order for us to go to church and watch football after (not my idea) we had to go to the 8:00 service.  I like to sleep in on the weekend, so I was not thrilled about this idea.  I ended up being okay with the early wake up when we got home and it was only 9:30 am.  I had the entire day ahead of me.  I decided I would get outside and enjoy this beautiful day, and that's just what I did.

Today was the kind of day where I wished I was an artist, so I could capture the beauty of it all with paint on a canvas.  The sky was so blue and the colors of the trees were just glowing in the sun light.  My pictures below don't do it justice.  I know that days like today are very few and far, so just taking an hour outside made my day.  What a perfect Sunday :)

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