When it comes to shopping, it's always important to be a smart shopper.  By this, I mean you should always look for the best price, but more importantly, you should buy clothes that you know you will get the most use out of.  This is why I like to stick to pretty basic styles.  You can always accessories differently each time you wear your clothes. 

Here is an example... I found this basic black and white striped dress at Target a few weeks ago.  It was in the clearance section (my favorite place ever) and it was only $9.  I've been wanting a basic dress like this one for a while now, plus I am really loving stripes right now.  I knew I could get a lot of use out of it.  Once I brought the dress home, I started exploring my closet and playing around with different looks. 

Here are 12 looks I put together.











I can wear this dress once a week, for 12 weeks straight, and never have to repeat my outfit.  Sometimes we get stuck on wearing the same outfits because you know you like it, and it's cute.  But that can get boring pretty fast, and before you know it, you hear yourself say "I have nothing to wear".  The next thing you know, you're shopping for a whole new wardrobe, which basically defeats the purpose of trying to save money.

I'd like to challenge everyone to pick your favorite clothing item in your closet and find a new way to wear it. You will have a brand new look without having to spend any money to get it! Good luck!
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