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It's no surprise that I'm a huge fan of Kate Middleton's style. This is not the first post I have done on the Duchess of Cambridge and my love for her classic, effortless fashionable looks. My past Kate Middleton posts have quickly become some of my most visited pages. I'm sure the reason for this is because I'm not the only one out there who just loves this royal style.

This week the royal family announced some exciting news that the Duke and Duchess are expecting their second child. I thought that this would be the perfect time to do a celebrity look's post on Kate Middleton. 

Out of all of Kate Middleton's fabulous looks, my favorite look that she sports is her casual style. I love it when she is dressed down. You can tell that she is most comfortable when she's dressed in her casual clothes. I find her casual looks to be very basic and easy for me to recreate with my own wardrobe.

I've recreated some of her most popular casual looks just by looking through my own closet. Here's what I came up with...

Kate Middleton blazer and stripe look for less
This first look is one of my favorite looks that I have seen the Duchess wear. She must just love this navy Smythe One-Button Blazer because she's always wearing it at appearances. I can't blame her, because I love it too! I would love to find a similar navy blazer, but I haven't found one in my price range yet. She paired this blazer with a white and navy striped shirt and these super cute J Brand skinny navy jeans. For her shoes, she's wearing her favorite Stuart Weitzman Corkwood cork wedges. I attempted to recreate this look myself. I don't have a navy blazer (it's on my list) so I went with my LC Lauren Conrad black blazer from Kohls. I chose my black and white striped shirt with my skinny blue jeans, both were great clearance finds at Target for under $10 apiece. My wedge shoes are also from Target. Earlier this year I was on a search for Kate's Shoes for Less. These were the wedge shoes that I purchase, perfect for recreating Kate's looks.

This is another great casual look. Here are the Duke and Duchess walking through the airport after a long tour of Asia. When your traveling you want to be comfortable, yet still look your best. Kate does this perfectly with this look. She's wearing a cream-colored sweater with a colorful scarf, skinny jeans, and her LK Bennett nude pumps. I recreated this look with my dark blue skinny jeans from Target, my nude pumps also from Target and this cream slouchy sweater from Express. I found a similar colored scarf in my closet to top off the look.

This is another famous Kate Middleton look. She wore this while visiting the Olympic Park in March of 2012. I love these coral pink colored Zara Pop Slim Fit Jeans! They go perfectly with this classic double-breasted black blazer. (I just love the brass buttons on this blazer. So classic!) She wore a white t-shirt that she accessorized with a scarf and another pair of L.K. Bennett pumps, this time in black. I recreated the look with my bright pinkish-red jeans that I featured back in March in one of my Shopping Finds posts. I wore them with my favorite black LC blazer, a white t-shirt, my black Jessica Simpson slingback pumps, and a colorful infinity scarf.

Kate Middleton casual looks for less
I always find Kate Middleton to have such a great street style. I strive to be as stylish as her when I'm simply out running earns. She always looks put together, even in tennis shoes. The thing I like the best about this look is, reportedly, she was bargain shopping around London on this day. I'm sure she wasn't out garage sales or anything, but I just love that she bargain shops! Anyway, she's wearing a pair of comfortable skinny jeans with a poke a dot button-down blouse, a cardigan sweater and a comfy looking pair of Mini Velvet Grey Suede Plimsolls shoes. I recreated this look by wearing my favorite grey Rockstar Skinny Jeans from Old Navy (of course these were a clearance find. I think I paid between $5 and $10 about a year ago). I wore my poke a dot sleeveless Jessica Simpson blouse, a beige cardigan sweater and a pair of Rock & Candy canvas boat shoes. (I found these shoes on clearance at DSW. The shoelace on one of the shoes was shorter than the other, so they were on sale for 90% off the original price. I couldn't resist the price, so I bought them, cut both laces short and they have worked out just fine.)  This is the perfect look for running earns.

 So there you go! These are just some of my favorite casual Kate looks. I'll continue to look at her style and find ways to recreate her looks with my own bargain clothes. Let me know what you think?

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