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in , , , by Katie Margaret, January 09, 2014
I know I'm a day late on posting my outfit, but I've been super busy this past week. I haven't posted an outfit on Wednesday in a couple weeks, because it was New Years Day last week and Christmas the week before, but I do want to continue to post one every week. It challenges me to find new outfits in my closet every week. It's not always easy to find old clothes and make them into a new outfit, but that's my goal in order to stay thrifty.

So here is my outfit from this week.

Black dress- This is a Forever 21 dress from my college days that I have kept throughout the years.
Black leggings- I have about 3 or 4 pairs of black leggings. They are a must-have during the winter.
Brown Boots- I wear these all the time, they are my favorite pair of boots!
Plum Sweater- This is a Target clearance find. I bought it to wear over my dress at my rehearsal dinner. I wear it all the time now because it goes with a lot of my clothes.
Infinity scarf- We had a $15 limit on our Christmas present exchange this year at work. This scarf was the gift I got, which is perfect for me. I love scarves!

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