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in , by Katie Margaret, January 01, 2014

I always like New Years, because it's a time to start fresh. Last year was good, but this year will be even better! I will turn 30 in 2014. I'm very excited about that chapter of my life. There are so many things to be excited about in my 30's. For one, I hope to start a family in my 30's. We have been waiting until our 30's to start a family because we want to be financially ready for one.  I'm also excited about my 30's because I have more work experience now then I had in my 20's, which will only lead me into having more career opportunities in the future. So this year, my New Years' resolutions are all ways that I can improve my overall life and become a better person.

Here is my list of resolutions: 

1.) Be less selfish- I think we can all be selfish sometimes. Most of us have spent our lives worrying about ourselves. I've heard people say that your 20's are the years that you can be selfish. You can figure out your path in life. I've learned to be less selfish when it comes to being married. I share everything with my husband. It's not my money or his money, it's our money. We want to start a family in the near future, so I know that there will be scarifying when that happens, so I might as well start now. 
2.) Better at time management- I work a lot of hours, especially now with my new position. The long work week doesn't bother me too much. I like my job and if I wasn't working I'd be board out of my mind. The only thing is, I feel so tired when I get home at the end of the day, that I usually eat dinner, watch TV and then go to bed. I would like to set aside some time during the week to work out, clean my house more, give myself a pedicure, make dinner for my husband, get coffee with a friend or work on my blog more. All these things could be done if I make the time to do them.
3.) Overall,  I want to be a better person- I think that should be the most important New Year resolution of all. Everyone should strive to be the best they can. I want to be a better wife, daughter, director, Christian, and friend.

 Those are my resolutions for 2014. I think I can keep these resolutions. I can't wait to see what new things this year will bring!
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